Peaches & Cream Tea Floats

Peach season is, quite simply, a thing of beauty. The fruit section of the local farmers’ market is brimming with the most gorgeous selection of stone fruits this time of year, from crunchy, crispy white peaches to fuzzy, yellow-fleshed ones, ideal for making a rustic end-of-summer peach cobbler. This recipe for Peaches & Cream Tea Floats uses the latter... MORE >>

Citrus Green Tea Bath Salts

It’s been a little over a month since I moved into a new home. One of the features that I love but still haven’t taken full advantage of is the soapstone tub in the master bath. Noticing a thin layer of dust starting to collect on the tub’s surface, I made my way over to Whole Foods the other... MORE >>

The Tea Time Toss-Up

There’s no doubt about it, I’m definitely not a morning person. The AM is a time when picking a tea to drink feels like a big chore. Whichever tea is out where I can see it is usually the one that makes it into my cup. While I love that my tea collection continues to grow, this also means that it’s... MORE >>

Easy Matcha Oreos

A week ago, not long after I saw an ad for Oreo Thins in my latest copy of People, I found myself wandering though the cookie aisle of my local market (just what they wanted, huh?). I was looking for the newest (and slimmest!) member of the Oreo family, but darn it, they were entirely sold out! Curiosity unsatisfied, I... MORE >>

The Ladurée Club Sandwich

Charming, refined, luxurious: quite simply, Ladurée is where tea becomes art. What I love most about this French pâtisserie is their traditional yet whimsical aesthetic–almost every morsel and teacup that goes by looks like it’s been touched by the iconic bread-baking cherub himself. I’ve tried many of Ladurée’s teas, but Roi Soleil is by far one of my favorites. This Chinese green tea blend is... MORE >>