Dim Sum Recipe #15: Mini Sesame Balls

So what’s your favorite item off of the sweet dim sum cart? For my mother-in-law, it’s gotta be Sesame Balls–those crunchy, chewy dumplings made from glutinous rice flour and filled with smooth red bean paste.The first time I tried making Sesame Balls it was a complete disaster. These iconic dim sum treats ended up with semi-charred,... MORE >>

Chinese Steamed Dumplings, 2 Ways

There’s nothing quite like biting into a steamy, juicy dumpling and then washing all of that down with a fragrant cup of hot tea. Perfectly pleated, lopsided, or just plain ugly, homemade dumplings are always welcome at my dinner table. As we head into Chinese New Year, I’m joining up with my good friend Danielle from This Picture Book... MORE >>

Macau Almond Cookies

Just last week, Christine from the beautiful blog Vermilion Roots invited me to join her and some fellow food bloggers for a Chinese New Year cookie party. Just when I thought the holiday cookie swaps were over, here we are going cookie crazy all over again! When I visited The Wok Shop in San Francisco a... MORE >>

Everyday Matcha Smoothie

An Everyday Matcha Smoothie is the potion that I look forward to when I’m feeling lethargic, overindulged, or just plain bleh. I’m not a morning person, so I’m likely to feel at least one of these ways on any given day before noon. As the name implies, this smoothie is easy enough to make everyday, whenever you’re in... MORE >>

Keemun Mushroom Risotto

A while back, the hubby and I decided to make at least 1 evening meal a week meat-free. It’s a great idea for many reasons, and nowadays there are so many amazingly tasty recipes to choose from. This Keemun Mushroom Risotto is so hearty and satisfying that you’d never think it’s completely vegetarian. There are 2... MORE >>