Patriotic Ribbon Tea Sandwiches

Patriotic Ribbon Tea Sandwiches make a simple and festive little treat for the July 4th holiday. These finger sandwiches are a bit craftier than the usual tea sandwich–their cut sides resemble long stripes on spools of ribbon, where different fillings create a distinct visual impression.What sets these pretty treats apart from regular finger sandwiches is an... MORE >>

American Sparkling Soda

Just in time for July 4th, American Sparkling Soda brings those iconic red, white, and blue colors to life. American Sparkling Soda is my patriotic version of the classic beverage, Italian Soda. Where Italian Soda is typically made with simple syrup, this chilly refresher is made with real fruit. It’s free of artificial colors and... MORE >>

Tea of the Week: Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.’s Blue-Tee

When we think of tea, gold, green, or copper are all common colors that come to mind. But have you ever heard of blue tea? Yes, naturally blue tea exists, and we have butterfly pea flowers to thank for it! Readily grown in Thailand, this caffeine-free herbal is also called Nam Dok Anchan.   In the... MORE >>

Honey Glazed Yakitori

In a few short weeks, I’ll be the owner of my very own outdoor grill! There are an endless number of things that you (all of a sudden) think that you need when you move into a new home. New couch, high-def TV, drought-resistant lawn…I don’t really care about any of those, I just need... MORE >>

Mini Zen Garden

In today’s crazy world, who couldn’t use an extra dose of Zen? The Zen tradition emphasizes calm mindfulness, letting go, and quieting the mind. Creating your own Mini Zen Garden is a way to bring some of those ideas to life. With sand, stones, and a few simple details, you can create a tranquil space... MORE >>