Tea on The Strip: Verandah, Las Vegas

When one thinks of Vegas, I’m betting that afternoon tea isn’t the first thing that pops into mind.  I was at the World Tea Expo a few weeks ago, and had just enough time to slip away for a mid-day tea break.  I decided on Verandah Restaurant at the Four Seasons hidden in a corner of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

The Verandah at the Four Seasons in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

I came for tea at around 3:30 in the afternoon, which is popular tea time elsewhere in the world but no so much in the U.S.  The Verandah has a set menu for its afternoon tea, and you must make reservations a day ahead of time.  They don’t have a large variety of teas to pick from, but all of their teas and tisanes are organic.

My choice?   The Organic Assam, coppery and deep in flavor.

Tea and sanity for one

The stand-out tea foods at Veranda are the scones and lemon curd.  The scones have a light, almost crunchy texture and the lemon curd is very tangy and bright tasting.  The tea sandwiches, although artful and pretty, aren’t the best I’ve ever had but still good.

Some very delicious scones and lemon curd

Quality, not quantity!

Petit fours- the mango passion fruit tart was my favorite

There are several books on tea and etiquette, but none of them mention the rules of taking your tea time treats home in a “to-go” bag.  Since nobody was looking and because no one really should eat 3 scones and a plate of desserts in one sitting, I figured it was a good idea to break tradition and go for it.

Class all the way!  To-go bag with leftover scones and sweets.

Above all, the service at Verandah is outstanding.  If you need a moment to escape from the crowds, heat, and clanging craziness of The Strip, the Verandah is an elegant, peaceful place to get away to.

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