Chambre de Sucre: The Sweetest of All Sugars

I met the lovely Lisa Kunizaki, owner of Chambre de Sucre, at the World Tea Expo this year. A group of sophisticated ladies swarming about the Chambre de Sucre booth alerted me that there would be something very special about this particular tea company, and after seeing their line of gourmet sugars, I must say that I am a true fan.

Sucre Rond atop raw turbinado sugar…I know which one is going in my tea!

Originating in Japan but now available in the U.S. (yay!), Chambre de Sucre specializes in designer sugars and recently even beautiful teas.  The tea time embellishments you find from this company are unique, artful, and simply charming–perfect as gifts for any tea lover.  Making time to have afternoon tea is a treat in itself, but these little cuties really bring tea time to another level of sophistication and pleasure.

Hana Flower Sugars

These artisanal sugars remind me of wagashi, or Japanese tea cakes.  Wagashi are commonly pressed into molds, and these sugars look like the mini version of those elegant Japanese confections.  I love that both Japanese and Hawaiian styles inspire the company’s designs and flavors.

A scattering of twinkles and hearts

If attention to detail is what delights you, these little goodies from Chambre de Sucre are just what you are looking for.  They have many different styles of sugars to choose from, from whimsical and cute and to modern and classic.  In addition to using them for tea drinking, I think these would make beautiful cupcake decorations…more to come on this! Now the tricky part is getting myself to actually be ok with dropping these beauties into my tea…hope they won’t suffer too much!

Angel wings to take you to the next level of afternoon tea elegance

Mahalo to Lisa and Karina for sharing their me their gorgeous line of sugars and teas with me.

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