The Windsor Arms in Toronto

When I knew my husband I and were heading out to Toronto, I started researching for historic Canadian places to have tea.  Canada has a strong tradition in and appreciation for afternoon tea, and I wanted to take advantage of our time there. We made a deal…for every hockey or sports related event I consented to, my hubby would return the favor by accompanying me to a tea, shopping, or foodie related venue.  This agreement landed me at the Windsor Arms for afternoon tea after a morning at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

A set menu for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms.

A set menu for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms.

One of the reasons I decided on the Windsor Arms for tea is because it is supposedly where Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor for the first time in 1964.  If the Windsor Arms was good enough for Liz Taylor, surely it would be good enough for me!

The purple tea room overlooking St. Thomas Street.

The tea room at the Windsor Arms is quite unique.  It is divided into 3 separate cozy rooms, each with a distinctive color and decor.  The main room is a classic white and gold, followed by two other rooms, one a royal purple and the other a velvety crimson red.

The Russian-inspired red room.

The Windsor Arms has 4 afternoon seating times and 2 late afternoon seating times.  They allow guests to occupy their tables for up to 2 hours to allow for ample relaxation and chatting time.  We had our tea on a Friday, and it was quite busy without being overly crowded.  If you are thinking of coming on a weekend, I would definitely suggest that you book a reservation in advance.

My choice?  Earl Grey with Rose Petals…gotta wake up after the hockey museum!

The scones were like light biscuits, and the jam was fresh and made in-house.

Tea sandwiches…elegant and oh so pretty!

Petit fours and a refreshing raspberry sorbet to finish.

I really enjoyed my time at the Windsor Arms.  You’d have to ask my husband, but I think he would say the same.  It looked like he was enthusiastically going for the sandwiches…or maybe that was him trying to get an extra sandwich in before I got to them?  Not sure.  I didn’t feel too bad for him though, after tea we went to a Toronto Blue Jays’ game. The hockey museum, a baseball game, and a delicious tea at the Windsor Arms… the hubby definitely came out the clear winner on this travel day!

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