Celebrating with Buntings

On my trip to London two years ago I became obsessed with buntings, otherwise known as “banners” in the U.S.  I became envious of all the charming and whimsical bunting designs that aren’t readily available here, and that’s when I started looking at my sewing machine in a different way.  Long ago, I had received a sewing machine as a present and all the while it had been sitting around in my garage collecting dust.  Motivated by the idea of being able to create something simple, artful, and unique, I finally took a sewing class after returning from the U.K.  As a result, my sewing machine has officially become my bunting maker.

I decided to make a bunting for my incredibly talented friend Annie Vovan of Annie Vovan Photography as a part of the 31 Days of Kindness Project by Happy Joyful Day Blog.  A few weeks ago I received a lovely tea themed care package as a random act of kindness from Yvonne King of DressThisNest.com, and it’s finally my turn to pay it forward.

Annie just gave birth to a baby boy in early October and I wanted to make her something that would be meaningful and one-of-a-kind, a memento to mark this very special moment in her and her husband’s life, and the life of their Baby Boy Max.  I came up with the phrase “Love to the Max” for this bunting not only to honor her beautiful son but also to reflect he way Annie lives her life…a life of love, brilliance, and wholeheartedness.

I am not a skilled or experienced sewer by any means, so it’s a relief that this bunting project only requires that one know how to use a sewing machine to sew a basic, simple thread.  Buntings are the perfect decorative finish to all kinds of events like birthday parties, showers, holidays, and of course, afternoon tea celebrations!  A trip to a well-stocked fabric store should get you inspired and well on your way to creating your own charming celebration piece in no time.

DIY Fabric Bunting

What You’ll Need:

fabric (how much depends on length of bunting you are making)

1″ thick good-quality ribbon (how long depends on length of bunting you are making)

rotary cutting tool or pinking shears


self-healing cutting mat

sewing machine (with thread that matches the ribbon color)

a chopstick or long stick

an iron

glue gun and wood chip letters (optional)


Some tools for making the fabric bunting

Some tools for making the fabric bunting

The height of one flag piece is 9.5″

The base of one flag piece is 8.5″

Cut out as many flag pieces as you will need. Two flag piece cut outs will make one complete flag.

With 2 flag pieces, put right sides together.

Sew the 2 flag pieces together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Turn the completed flag inside out…like a sailboat!

Use a long pointed stick (like a chopstick) to finish turning out the tip of the flag.

Cut off extra strings and edges of fabric

Cut off extra strings and edges of fabric, to make a clean bottom edge to the flag.

A quick ironing will make the flags sew-ready.

Sew flags onto ribbon, measuring 5″ between words if you plan on using lettering.

Use a glue gun and wood chip letters for a special bunting message.

Click on the photo to see it closer!

Off to its rightful owner…Baby Max’s Mom!

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Your welcome! Thanks for following me! I usually make the paper kind, but your tutorial made it so easy to try the fabric type. Hopefully soon. And when I do, I will feature your blog as a source of inspiration! Thank you again!