Springtime Carrot Cutlery

It was during the Royal Wedding a few years ago that I found about Party Pieces.  For those of you who don’t know, Party Pieces is a party supply company in the UK, similar to Party City here in the US, except a bit fancier.  What’s more surprising is that it’s owned by Kate Middleton’s parents.

Today’s quick and easy Springtime Carrot Cutlery post is inspired by a glimpse of a photo that I caught on the Party Pieces site.  Nothing too fancy, just a fun little idea for celebrating your upcoming Easter brunch or afternoon tea!

One of the reasons I love afternoon tea is because it isn’t just about the food– it’s about the presentation and feeling of a meal that you are about to share with others.  These cutlery carrots are bright and festive, and help to set the stage for a fresh and bountiful springtime meal.

These utensil sets are very easy to make, and made even more special if you present them in the spirit of springtime harvesting.  You might want to set them atop some multi-colored beans or split peas or even stick them into the beans vertically so that your guests can pluck them out of a garden planter as they start down the Easter buffet.

For a personal place setting, you can also sink the tip of each carrot into a small terra-cotta clay planting pot.  Use your index finger to guide the tip of the carrot into the dried beans.  This will help to firmly plant the cutlery so that it stands upright securely.

Serve up your most delicious Easter meal with these Springtime Carrot Cutlery.  They are sure to make any Easter brunch table that much more cheerful and welcoming!

Springtime Carrot Cutlery

What You’ll Need:

large orange napkins

green plastic spoons, forks, and knives

jute twine or decorative ribbon, cut into 12″ pieces



1.)  Stack a full set of cutlery with the fork at the top, then the spoon, and finally the knife on the bottom.  Place the stack parallel to the horizontal center line of the napkin, about 1″ below the horizontal center line.  The open side of the napkin should face left.

2.)  Tuck the bottom tip of the napkin over the cutlery stack.

3.)  Roll the stack over (upwards) along with the napkin, making sure the tip of the carrot (the right side of the napkin) rolls up tight and snug.  Roll the left side of the napkin (with the cutlery showing) looser than the right side.

4.)  Continue rolling the napkin up, flipping the cutlery over as needed as you continue to roll.

5.)  Finish rolling until you get a carrot shape with the top tip of the napkin tucked under.

6.)  Rearrange the cutlery to face the front of the carrot as needed.

7.)  Using jute twine, tie a bow snugly against the napkin to hold the carrot cutlery together…done!