Teapot Bouquets

Here’s a quick and easy idea for celebrating Mother’s Day this year!  These Teapot Bouquets transform your everyday, grocery store bunch of blooms into the most beautiful arrangements.  If you hit up your local market today, I’m sure you’ll notice that they’ve stocked up their flower selections by at least double the usual amount.  Flowers?  Check.  Now all you need is a pretty teapot and you’re almost done!

If you ask me, teapots are an even more practical vessel for flowers than vases are.  A teapot spout makes it super simple to refresh the water for your blooms every day so that the bouquet stays fresher, longer.  Also, when you don’t have to remove the entire bouquet out of the vase for each water change, your arrangement is able to keep its shape and structure better.

Tulips are hands down my favorite flower, so I’ve used them here to complement some of the tea wares that I already have in my collection.  The best way to prepare these flower bouquets is by lining the blooms up by their heads and then using a sharp knife to cut through the stems straight across to a height that best suits the teapot you are using.

Pick a teapot that complements the intricate color and detail of your bouquet.  You can see that the flower petals of my bright orange tulips are more opaque than that of these delicate, airy looking pinkish tulips, which is how I decided to pick a solid cream-colored teapot for the orange blooms.  This taller, silvery iridescent teapot paired beautifully with the pink stems, giving them a romantic and soft glow.

My favorite of these Teapot Bouquets is this Japanese cast-iron one filled with elegant white tulips.  I’ve tucked in more of the tulip leaves here for an extra pop of vibrant green color and contrast.  Who knew that tulips, a flower much associated with Holland, would look so perfect in a frosty gold Japanese teapot!

I wish I had some mad macro lens skills like my blogger friend Patty does so that I could do these gorgeous bulbs justice.  If you love naturalistic, close-up shots of blooms and fauna, you must check our her Macro Monday posts!  Her photos of nature are breathtakingly intricate and artistic.

Create a Teapot Bouquet for your mom this year, and pair it with some lovely teacups (and tea!) to complete the set.  Whether vintage, modern, or Asian in style, choose cups that complement the look and feel of your Teapot Bouquet.

Finally, why not brew up some tea for your mom while she sits back and relaxes?   She deserves it.  Present the steeped tea to you mom as a way to show her how much you respect and appreciate her.  This simple gesture is a beloved Chinese tradition that’s taken place between daughters and mothers for generations, and has stood the test of time.

Here is my own sweet and beautiful mom, enjoying time with her 2-year-old granddaughter Maddy just last week.  And with that, I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom and all the other awesome and dedicated moms out there!  Seriously, what would we do without them!?