Lamill Boutique in Silverlake

A few weeks ago I met the charming and vivacious force behind This Picture Book Life, Danielle Davis. I met Danielle at a blogging workshop back in June, and when I asked her what type of material she blogged about, she interestingly said…”picture books!” I was intrigued and actually didn’t really know what to expect, but after visiting her site that evening I wanted to know more. Not long after, Danielle and I decided to meet up at Lamill Coffee in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles to discuss life, tea, and of course…picture books!

If you have kids or simply love children’s books, you must check out This Picture Book Life. Every week, Danielle introduces readers to books that are not only beautifully illustrated, but also dynamic in meaning and purpose. These books aren’t your average children’s books. Her book recommendations are modern, artistic, and even a little dark at times. More often than not, they have a complex take-home message. The books are for the modern child living in a modern world.

There couldn’t be a better place to have met up with Danielle then Lamill. The shop is contemporary and refreshing, just like her blog is. Despite it’s trendy feel, it’s actually quite relaxing and peaceful once you are inside. If you need a few hours to study, blog, or to simply hide away from LA’s bustle, you should definitely stop by.

Lamill is well-known for their coffee, but they also have a large variety of specialty teas to choose from. I had a hard time choosing between Gossip Tea, a Organic Morrocan Mint Tea, and Nip and Tuck Tea, a Japanese Citron Green Tea. I decided on the latter because the tea sounded so quintessentially LA.

My only gripe about Lamill is that they oversteeped my green tea. It was definitely on the bitter side, and had me wondering if I should have ordered that Gossip Tea instead!

Danielle and I ended up chatting for almost 4 hours at Lamill. You can see from the flickering candle that our afternoon tea break was soon becoming an evening wind down. If you visit in the evening, Lamill also has some light snacks and desserts to enjoy. Anyone up for Brioche Ice Cream Puffs or Mocha Waffles?

If you can’t stop by, you can order Lamill’s teas online. They also have a small shop next door that sells unique gifts and tea accessories. The next time I head back, I think I’m going to try Creative Unblock, an Organic White Tangerine Tea. An extra dose of creativity could never hurt!

And with that, I’d like to extend a special thanks to my new friend and fellow blogger, Danielle, for allowing me to feature her charming and imaginative site on my blog today! This Picture Book Life…don’t miss it!!