2014 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Nine days and counting! Just a few days ago, I spent hours online trying to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and family (the non-tea loving ones). At this point, I can only hope that I chose some gifts that won’t end up at the back of the broom closet come New Year’s.

Luckily, tea lovers are easy to shop for. The art of buying tea-themed gifts is to choose something unique, a bit different from the usual. If you are shopping for the tea lover in your life, look no further. I’m sure at least one of these tea goodies will bring a smile to their face.

ChaHoney Monthly Tea Subscription

My friend Elizabeth launched her company ChaHoney this year, with a vision to share her passion for discovering new teas. If you’ve ever purchased a tea that you didn’t like (and never drank again), you know how important it is to sample a tea before committing. Nobody wants boxes of less-than-pleasing tea taking up room in their tea cabinet.

A ChaHoney subscription is effortless and genius: each month, 4 featured tea samples will arrive at your doorstep. Curious? You can even try out a one-time sampler pack for starters. The code THIRSTY10TEA will give you 10% off any of the subscriptions through December 25th. Support small business, taste a world of teas, and discover the ones you love most through ChaHoney!

Kami Wood Cups

I don’t want these teacups, I need them. These wooden Japanese teacups are hand crafted in Hokkaido. They are made with gorgeous castor aralia wood, which has a grain similar to unfinished birch wood. There couldn’t be a better way to enjoy a cup of grassy Japanese sencha.

Smartea Tea Set

I like to describe this teapot as the BMW of teapots. It’s functional and sleek at the same time, the image of a modern tea drinker’s teapot. I love that you can insert a tea light in the base so that your tea stays warm from first sip to last.

Fresh’s Black Tea Face Mask

My sister introduced me to this stuff several years ago when she said I was starting to get wrinkles (thank you, Melissa!). Now that I look back, I suppose it was kind of her because I love this black tea mask and haven’t found a better antioxidant mask since. The best way to describe its texture is velvety. When the weather is cold and dry, I leave it on my face for anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour for a deeply hydrating effect.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Are there any Harry Potter fans out there? I know there are. If you are one of them, the word tessomancy may sound familiar. Term refers to the art of reading tea leaves (Professor Trelawney reads Harry Potter’s tea cup during Divination lessons), and this whimsical little kit brings that idea to life.

Numi’s Artisan’s Tea Blending Kit

Last month when I visited Adagio Teas in Chicago I was so impressed to find a tea blending station. Tea blenders take years to perfect their craft, but if you’ve ever been curious this kit is a great place to start. Blend, taste, and blend again…perhaps you have a knack for tea blending too!

Zoku Ice Cream Maker

Have you ever thought of making your own tea flavored ice creams at home? Problem is, the process is often way to fussy with those large, awkward ice cream makers. Place this ice cream bowl straight into the freezer. When it’s chilled you can make smaller batches of fresh ice cream within moments. Matcha frozen yogurt? No problem. Creamy gelato made with your favorite Earl Grey? Coming right up!

Pantone Universe Mugs

If you are familiar with Pantone, you know that they serve as a color atlas for designers. They make a variety of fine bone china mugs in their signature colors, and these babies are ideal for a distinctively colorful tea time. Their color of the year is Marsala, a spicy, pomegranate shade of red that’s Christmas-like and cheery.

Valerie Confection’s Matcha and Rose Petal Petit Fours

Based out of Los Angeles, there’s no better way to describe this confectionary’s petit fours than to say that they are perfect. Not too big, not to small, not too sweet…just perfect. They have several petit four flavors, from champagne to mint, but the rose petal variety is my favorite.

Trader Joe’s Tea Sampler

When it comes to snacking and tasty eating, Trader Joe’s almost never fails. I came across this box of internationally sourced loose teas last week, and was delighted when I opened the package to reveal this eclectic collection of 10 tea-filled vials. Forget the chocolates and give tea this year. No calories, more flavor, and for $12.99 a tea gift doesn’t get better than this.

Kombucha Revolution

This book takes some of the mystery out of making Kombucha, that effervescent fermented tea that’s prized for its flavor and health benefits. The book is written by Stephen Lee, a co-founder of both Tazo and Stash Brand Teas. I have the book myself and can’t wait to try the Long Kombucha Iced Tea and BambuCha recipes soon…don’t they sound delish?

Tea Cup Stool

If this were easier for me to buy in the US, I would have my feet propped up on one in my living room right now. If you live the UK you are lucky, because apparently these are readily available there and delivery is free! I’ve decided that my life isn’t complete until I get one of these…need one now.

Magnetic Tea Chalkboard

Some gifts just can’t be purchased, so if you’re crafty this might be just the project for you. This board is great for featuring colorful teas or for anyone in need of some simple organization. The board is highly customizable to suit a selective tea drinker, and can be reused in so many ways long after the tea is drunk!

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Love all these ideas! Firstly, I need that face mask. Maybe I’ll get it for my mom and steal it ;). Secondly, that tea leaf reading kit is so cute! I’m a major Harry Potter geek, can you tell? I also love that sampler from trader joe’s. It’s so chic.

Bonnie Eng

Ya, Chaya, I really do love the mask. You and your mom could share it, just to see what you think. Between the two of you I’m sure someone will love it. As for the reading kit, I’m interested in someone reading it for me. I feel like I would totally read it wrong and end up jinxing myself! I ended up giving individual vials of the TJ sampler out as stocking stuffers and they were a total hit. 🙂 If you and I ever meet up someday for tea, you can read my teacup and I’ll read yours?


These gift ideas could not be any more perfect, I need them all!! You’re right, one can never have enough tea, especially when they’re packaged so beautifully like that. Can’t wait to see future posts on Kombucha, I tried it once and was immediately hooked!

Bonnie Eng

Thanks so much for the link! I’m working on some kombucha posts for the new year. I think it’s the new face of tea, especially given it’s healthfulness and unique taste! Many great brands on the market these days…are there a lot of brands of kombucha in NZ?

Lan | morestomach

sisters are so lovely and practical that way, aren’t they? $88 is steep for a mask (but sooo cheap for a youthful look!) how long does the jar last, 3 months?

Bonnie Eng

Ya, steep is right Lan, but I love it! Because it’s pricey, I use it only on special occasions (like on days I’ll be seeing my sister), so it actually does last about 3 months! An occasional treat when my skin is in need of some serious tlc. 🙂

Bonnie Eng

Ya, it’s crazy expensive, but I love how it feels! Hope you are having a beautiful holiday season girl…so looking forward to seeing you in the New Year! 😉


Thanks! I’m super excited about the samplers coming up. The 3 month option is perfect as a gift and with the green teas in January, the chocolate coming in February and the teas directly from a small company in the UK for March, the spring is shaping up to have some amazing teas!

Bonnie Eng

Thanks so much Lokness!! I like that the chalkboard can be used for other things later too. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, and am looking forward to your posts in the New Year! 😉