Citrus Green Tea Bath Salts

It’s been a little over a month since I moved into a new home. One of the features that I love but still haven’t taken full advantage of is the soapstone tub in the master bath. Noticing a thin layer of dust starting to collect on the tub’s surface, I made my way over to Whole Foods the other day for some aromatic bath salts. If I was going to break my tub in, it was going to be with the good stuff.
OMG…over $20 for enough salts to cover 1, maybe 2 baths at most? Give me a break! That’s when I figured it was time to pick up some organic fruits (citrus!) and hit the road. After I got home, I made my way over to my DIY beauty cabinet, fully stocked with pounds of epsom salt and some soothing essential oils. And, of course, a stop over at my tea cabinet offered even more health benefits. 
Bath salts are seriously a no-brainer to make. A few ingredients and mixes with a spoon and it’s a done deal. This particular aromatherapy DIY started with me wanting to add a fruity burst of freshness to bath time. With organic grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, and limes on hand, I decided to make some Citrus Green Tea Bath Salts…eat the fruit, repurpose those peels!
Looking for a pop of color, I used a sharp knife to cut the colored part of the rind (not the pith) off from the citrus fruits. I simply mixed the cut strips of peel in with some everyday green tea, epsom salts, and my essential oil of choice, and placed everything into an extra-large tea filter. A few minutes in warm running bath water and pouf, I was like a lemon slice swimming in a cup of tea!
If you plan on spreading the luxury and want to give these salts as gifts, make sure to dry the peels completely before mixing and packing them. The little strips I cut out took 1 full day to dry and harden. If you use a zester the wait time will be much less. I love how the peels give you a visual suggestion of which kind yummy bath you’re in for. Pack these up in some pretty airtight jars (like these awesome mega test tubes that I got from IKEA) for anyone in need of some bright and uplifting refreshment.  

Citrus Green Tea Bath Salts

What You’ll Need:

large mixing bowl


1 cup epsom salt

2 bags green tea

1-2 Tbsp organic citrus peels, colored part of peel cut away from pith, then cut into 1/2″ x 1/16″ pieces

10 drops of grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, orange, or bergamot essential oil

extra-large tea filters or a large, double layer of cheesecloth with a tie

lidded jars or containers, for gifting (optional)


1.)  Mix the salts, tea, dried peels, and essential oil together in a large mixing bowl. To preserve their freshness, place the mixture in lidded jars or containers until ready to use.

2.)  When ready for the bath, place 1 cup of the salts into extra-large tea filters or a large piece of cheesecloth, then tie to make a closed pouch. Let the fragrant salts dissolve into a large tub of warm water, then sit back and relax!