Sprinkle & Scrap Tea Tags

Every holiday season, I have the monumental task of wrapping all of my husband’s coworkers gifts. I end up with scraps and bits of paper everywhere, which ultimately end up in the trash.Sprinkle & Scrap Tea Tags are a great way to use up all those decorative Christmas embellishments. This little project is a way to transform trash into craft, especially when you find yourself frustrated with the short life span of anything Christmas related.A small-print wrapping paper design is ideal here. Try gluing a thinner (paper) tag punch out to a thicker (card stock) one so that the tag is sturdier and doesn’t curl up.This is also a great time to use up the last of your Christmas sprinkles. The sprinkles end up looking something like beads when glued to a tea tag, adding a dimensional effect.A craft punch creates a perfectly sized tea tag. If you don’t have one, just cut out a tag shape with scissors or even cut out a 2″ x 1″ rectangle and fold it in half.To create filled tea bags, you’ll want to refer to my post on Cereal Milk Tea. The tea bags shown here are filled with a bright and toasty Genmaicha Matcha blend.Sprinkle & Scrap Tea Tags are a fun way to use up pretty and/or expensive wrapping paper. A few scraps, some threads of twine, and some tea…that’s all you need to create these festive steepers. Scrap & Sprinkle Tea Tags

What You’ll Need:

loose tea (I used Yamamotoyama’s Genmaicha Matcha)

scraps of wrapping paper


baker’s twine, cut into 7″ pieces

tea filters



teaspoon measure

tag punch

thumb tack

cello treat bags (3″ x 4″, if you want to wrap the finished tea bags)

clear tape


1. Fill each tea filter with 1 tsp of loose tea.

2. Fold right and left corners of the tea bag down to the center vertical line of tea bag to form a triangle top tip.

3. Fold tip of triangle down to center of edges folded in previously.

4. Use stapler to attach twine to folded side of tea bag. Staple twine to bag about a half centimeter below the top edge of the tea bag.

5. Use the punch out tool to create a tag from the wrapping paper. Try to cut out an attractive part of the design.

6. Use a thumb tack to create a small hole in the top of the tag.

7. Use the thumb tack to push the twine into the tag hole. Leaving a few inches between the tea bag and the tag, tie a knot in the twine on the back/less attractive side of the tag, then snip off excess string with scissors.

8. For a more finished look, place each tea bag in a clear cello bag and seal with tape.

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