Sakura Green Tea Bath Bombs

I love enjoying sakura flavored tea and treats during springtime. This DIY for Sakura Green Tea Bath Bombs is a way to enjoy cherry blossoms in another delicious but unexpected way–in a hot tea bath!
For Easter last week, I made dozens of bath bombs with mini toys and trinkets hidden inside for my adorable niece, Maddy. I decorated many with everyday cupcake sprinkles, which is when the idea of attaching a sakura-looking icing flower to these fizzy bath treats seemed like a clever idea.
The base of these Sakura Bath Bombs is green tea. You can use small cut green tea, powdered green tea, or even culinary matcha here. Along with soothing epsom salts and cherry blossom fragrance oil, the tea adds beautiful natural color and mild astringent properties. Forming these bath bombs is like playing with sand at the beach. By filling plastic hollow ornaments, the resulting bath ball is quite large and heavy in weight, perfect for one luxurious bath. Sakura Green Tea Bath Bombs make gorgeous gifts for spring celebrations and Mother’s Day. If making the bombs seems too intimidating, just make half-spheres or even shape these in a cupcake pan. Make several of these bath bombs, because your friends will absolutely love them! Wrap them up with some green or sakura tea for sipping and you have one healthy and decadent gift!\

Inspired by DIY Lemon Bath Bombs from A Pumpkin & a Princess.

Sakura Green Tea Bath Bombs

Makes 4 large bath bombs.

What You’ll Need:

large mixing bowl


16 oz. baking soda

8 oz. anhydrous citric acid

8 oz cornstarch

8 oz. epsom salt

1/4 cup powdered green tea

2 Tbsp avocado oil

2 Tbsp water

2 tsp cherry blossom fragrance oil or essential oil

4 large, hollow plastic ornaments

4 pink flower icing decorations


  1. 1. Combine all the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Combine with the spoon until everything is evenly mixed.

2. Add the liquid ingredients, one at a time, mixing thoroughly with your hands after each addition. Evenly distribute the liquids by rubbing the dry mix between your fingers. When all the liquids have been added to the dry ingredients, the mix should clump when you squeeze some together with a fist. 3. Place a pink icing flower face side down in an ornament half. Fill the green tea mix into the ornament over the flower and pack it down firmly with your hands until it is full. Fill the opposite half of the ornament with the mix and also pack it down firmly with your hands until it is full.

4. Join the 2 halves together until the ornament snaps together. Let this set for one hour. 

5. After an hour, remove the bath bombs from the ornament mold, then set them on a towel to dry for at least 8 hours or overnight before packing. When time to use, drop one bomb into a large bath and enjoy!