Iced Green Tea Frappé

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh and simple Green Tea Frappé. For that very reason, this is the recipe I go to when I’m craving rich, milky-sweet, green tea flavor without all the fuss.This fool-proof recipe reminds me of the green tea lattes you get at modern Asian tea bars. Best of all, the measurements are uncomplicated and very few ingredients are needed.Here, you see the latte made frappé-style, where the ice is blended into the milk tea. If taking the blender out doesn’t sound appealing to you, skip this step and just serve the lattes in glasses filled with plenty of crushed ice.

To make sure that I don’t have any lumps of green tea in the drink, I hydrate the tea powder in a very small amount of milk before introducing it to the rest of the ingredients. This small step creates an evenly mixed tea and also helps to draw out the green tea’s flavor.You can certainly top this Green Tea Frappé with foamed milk or a spritz of cream, but I enjoy them most with a light sprinkle of chocolate vermicelli. Green Tea Frappés are ideal for satisfying your mid-day green tea fix or for entertaining guests at a moment’s notice.

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Green Tea Frappé

Makes 4 frappés.


4 packets Yamamotoyama’s Lightly Sweetened Powdered Green Tea

2 cups milk

2 cups ice

sprinkles, to finish (optional)




1. Mix the green tea powder with 2 Tbsp of the milk to create a paste. Add the paste, milk, and ice to the blender and blend on high for a few minutes. Pour the frappés into serving cups, then garnish with sprinkles to finish.

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Yum! Beautiful photos as always! I enjoyed reading about your tea pal in Vienna. I lived in Vienna for one year as part of my university degree program and my place was right next to the Manner chocolate wafers factory…the smell!!!

Bonnie Eng

Thanks so much, Anna. You must have some delicious memories from living in Vienna! My tea pal in there is the best–she loves tea with a passion like you and I do. 🙂 I love visiting tea places in and around Vienna through her blog. Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend! 😉 P.S. Love your blog!!

miss mochi

I love the idea of green tea powder that’s already lightly sweetened! I’ll have to try that! Beautiful shots as always! I need to take a photo class or something ^.^

Bonnie Eng

Thank you so much, Miss Mochi!! BTW, I just thought of you last week. Have you been to Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights? That place has your name written all over it. Their green tea Calpico was awesome, kind of like this frappe but with a yogurt flavor…very yummy! 😉


Are the packets the same as matcha powder? Or is it different? Can matcha be subbed if is it different? How much are each packet? The link showed the item not available.