Alfred Tea Room in West Hollywood

Tucked away on a small street off of Melrose Place in West Hollywood lies a petit-sized tea room that’s undeniably fashionable. That’s right, Melrose Place isn’t just an old school 90’s TV show, it’s the home of Alfred Tea Room, the little sister of the trendy coffee joint around the corner, Alfred Coffee.
To put simply, if you love tea and the color pink, this is where you need to be. Alfred Tea Room does a great job of marrying a sense of luxury with to-go tea culture, not always the easiest combination to pull off.A number of posh and eclectic shops (Marc Jacobs being my fav!) can be found within walking distance, so I see this as a place to recharge in between indulgent shopping bouts. I like that the tea menu here is broad and modern without being too complicated.
Their milk and sweetener options are a nice touch and can be suited to very specific preferences. Packaged loose-leaf teas are also available, thoughtfully labeled and ideal for picking up if you happen to discover a tea that you enjoy.
Be prepared to encounter a host of bloggers snapping photos at every turn. The shop isn’t very big, but every inch is highly grammable and picture perfect. And how about these adorable trinkets? Among others, the store has coined some catchy expressions, like I Love You So Matcha and Can’t We All Just Get Oolong. High points for creativity.
In honor of all things pink, I ordered a Rose Milk Tea on the day I visited and it was delightful. A mix of black and white rose teas, it had the perfect touch of floral without being overly flowery or sweet. Here it is, with a fresh layer of bubbles from just being poured.Here’s my gorgeous Rose Milk Tea taking you on a tour in and around the shop. Here we have the inside seating area, a relaxing hang out space with a breezy LA vibe. Here’s a close-up of my drink, giving us a glimpse of the fresh blooms scattered throughout the shop. And how about those adorable lip-smacked napkins, complete with hashtag? This is a tea shop where social media works in full force!Expect to pay a bit more for your drinks here and in plastic only (no paper bills allowed!). This isn’t your everyday tea shop but a charming place to visit at least once for novelty or as a treat while you’re in this trendy area of West LA. And don’t forget to hashtag all your tea photos on your way out–a trip to Alfred Tea Room doesn’t quite seem right without it!

Alfred Tea Room

705 North Alfred Street

Los Angeles, CA 90069


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This place is more than adorable…. the tea is REALLY good! I’m from the other coast and on a visit I had had their tea every morning. I will definitely miss the earthy and strong-but-not-bitter iced tea.


Oh my god, what a beauty! I’m adding this place to my must-see list for 2024! What do you recommend to take there?)