Mason Jar Tea Time

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Every year, my husband and I have the most difficult time deciding what to give the hardworking nurses and medical assistants that he works with. Doctors often get credit for creating happy patients, but nothing gets done right without a focused and caring support staff.In the past, we’ve given movie tickets and boxes of chocolate–you know, the generic gifts that seem appealing when time is running short. Gift cards can be great too, but by themselves I tend to think of them as impersonal.

This year, I’m coming up with something a bit more crafty. Mason Jar Tea Time is what you need for taking a tea break, anytime and anywhere. I like to present this jar as a gift card accessory, a way to add a homemade touch to those lonely little gift cards.We start with super handy mason jars. Cup and container, I just love their versatility. Each jar has everything you need for a personal tea time, down to the jam, scones and even a teaspoon!
As a way to make this affordable when gifting to many, the contents of each jar is under $5. The icing on the cake (or scones, in this case!) are gift cards to Cost Plus World Market, one of the few shops where there’s something for everyone.Baking from scratch during the holidays can be tricky. Have you ever spent hours baking only to end up with some last minute failure that’s beyond salvageable? Yeah, the holidays are busy and we don’t have time for that! Sticky Fingers Scone Mix makes semi-homemade baking a snap.All you have to do is add water, mix and spoon out the dough. There you have it…delicious Gingerbread Scones, which I did take the extra step of baking in mini ramekins so that each scone would be perfectly shaped. After your work putting these jars together, you’ll deserve a tea break too. That’s when I roll out the ready-to-use icing packet (which comes with the Gingerbread Scone Mix) and some freshly grated lemon zest for garnishing the scones.If you plan on gifting the glazed version of these mini scones, make sure that the icing is completely dry before dropping them into the jars. As a reference, a rounded tablespoon of dough for each scone yields 15 scones, the perfect size for this DIY. It’s really neat to see how many goodies fit into one little pint jar. Which is your favorite? I’m keen on #3, especially since it has a bit of everything and, of course, a gift card! I’m thinking it’s the winning version for the marvelous staff over at the office. Onward to Christmas!!

Mason Jar Tea Time DIY

Version #1: “I Love Scones!”

1 jar, 3 tea bags, 3 scones, 1 mini strawberry jam & 1 teaspoon = $4.75

Version #2: “I Don’t Bake!”

1 jar, 3 tea bags, 3 shortbread twinpacks, and 1 Mozart chocolate = $4.87

Version #3: “The Works!”

1 jar, 2 tea bags, 1 scone, 1 shortbread twinpack, 1 mini strawberry jam, 1 teaspoon & 1 honey stick = $4.89

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Great gift! Love that everything was from 1 store- the hardest part about this was getting the labels off the mason jars! And the honey stick does have to bend a bit to fit,- hoping it doesn’t open up! Thanks for the great idea!


I have a small bottle of “Goo Gone” from the $1 section of Joann Fabrics that made it a cinch to remove the label from the jar. Also, honey packets fit better.


I saw these on Instagram and immediately knew I wanted to make them for a small holiday party gift exchange. Everyone LOVED it and debated over the two jars I brought. It was the only gift “stolen” during the exchange. We don’t have a World Market near us, much to my husband’s dismay as he LOVES it, so I had to improvise with some delicious vegan cinnamon dunkers from Trader Joe’s. I look forward to finding the scones though. I might try some Stonewall Kitchen items in my next round because I am definitely making these again for some other people. Thank you so much for the idea!!


So, I know I’m late to this party, but I recently came across these and thought it would be perfect for a Galentine’s party I’m going to in February. Do you think that in option #3 I could fit in a macaron, or two?