Cup of Tea Ornaments

Over the weekend, my hubby and I finally got around to buying our Christmas tree. We’ve got the topper and lights up now, but not an ornament in site!My idea for creating these Cup of Tea Ornaments sparked when I bought a Spode Christmas ornament a few years back. I searched for mini tea cups at sites that sold wedding favors, but ended up realizing that a kid’s tea set was a much better way to go.To make the tea liquid, you’ll need to use epoxy resin which comes in 2 parts. For the mixture to harden properly, combine them together in a 1:1 ratio before adding the dye. This is the time you’ll want to use disposable cups and spoons for an easy clean up.It’s also a good idea to add the colorants in drop by drop. This way, you’ll get just the right shade that reminds you of your favorite cup of tea. Stir in each addition until the color is evenly mixed and to your liking.This is my first craft using resin and I’m officially mesmerized with the stuff now. I’m really impressed with how real the ornaments look, especially the colors of the brews and the shine they give off.To finish the ornaments, I like to glue the cup and saucer together. Some decorative ribbon looped through the handle makes the trinket ready for hanging on your Christmas tree.I imagine these creations as generous pours of Irish Breakfast, Puerh, Gyokuro, and Chamomile. Look at them long enough and I guarantee you’ll end up wanting to make a fresh cup of tea to enjoy!Cup of Tea Ornaments

What You’ll Need:

epoxy resin for crafting

epoxy dye (I used transparent yellow, transparent amber, transparent green, and opaque brown)

kid’s tea set

disposable cups and spoons

hot glue gun

decorative ribbon or twine


  1. 1. In a small paper cup, add equal amounts of the epoxy resin according to the size of your teacup (follow the directions on the package). Add the dye in, drop by drop, to achieve the color you prefer. Gently mix in the colorants with the spoon after each addition.

2. Pour the colored resin into a teacup, making sure to pour directly into the center of each cup. Let this filled teacup cure for 48 hours.

3. After the teacup is fully dry, glue the cup to a saucer using hot glue. String a piece of ribbon through the handle and tie a knot to create a hanging ornament. Your Cup of Tea Ornament is now ready for your Christmas tree!