Tea & Cookie Wreath

Here’s a last-minute Christmas craft to showcase all those Santa worthy cookies you’ve been baking up this week. Palmiers, madeleines, French macarons–cookies seem rather lonely without a cup of tea to go along with.This lively Tea & Cookie Wreath is a great way to spruce up those inexpensive, faux pine wreaths from the craft store. The stems of these wreaths are typically made from strong moldable wire, which makes it a cinch to affix tea bags and cookies along them.Before attaching the packets to the wreath, it’s a good idea to roughly place the bags along the ring to get an idea of how they will space out. After using twist ties to secure them, use transparent tape to get the orientation of each treat baggie just right.

For this DIY, you’ll want to use a colorful variety of individually wrapped tea bags, like these vibrant ones from Stash Tea. This is like an alternate version of my Christmas Tea Tree post from a few years back, except that this time, some tea cookies have also been invited to the party!Curate these wreaths with your recipient in mind. Are they fans of green tea? Only include those. Are they on a diet? Use dried fruits or nuts instead of cookies. Do they prefer their tea sans caffeine? Include a selection of flower and herb based teas.Tea & Cookie Wreaths are perfect for hanging around your kitchen around the holidays or for gifting on a budget. They’re also a nice way to remind your loved ones to take a tea break during this busy holiday season.

Tea & Cookie Wreath

What You’ll Need:

craft wreath


individually wrapped tea bags

twist ties

small cello bags, for the cookies

transparent tape

decorative ribbon


1. Bag the cookies, then tie with tape and decorative ribbon. Tape a twist tie onto the back of each cookie baggie.

2. Tape a twist tie onto the back of each individually wrapped tea bag.

3. Place the tea and cookies along the wreath to see where they look best. Now, use the twist ties to secure the tea and cookies around the twigs of the wreath. Use transparent tape to slightly adjust the orientation of each baggie to your liking.

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