Woodland Birch Slice Trivet

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the 1994 version of Little Women. The changing of seasons is a theme found throughout the movie, and the picturesque shots of winter are uniquely appropriate for enjoying over a hot pot of tea. This Woodland Birch Slice Trivet is inspired by the rustic backdrops in Little Women. The craft draws upon the organic accents of the season to infuse holiday spirit into any small tabletop space.Everything starts with a birch tree wood slice. Little snippets of winter shrubbery, leftover spices from your kitchen cabinet or even dried citrus slices are then added to create a feeling of natural abundance.
Use a small dab of glue to affix the items so that they stay picture perfect at all times. Choose the accents based on their texture, shape, color and scent. As a tip, leave the fresh elements of the trivet (the tree clippings and red berries) unattached and free–this way, those pieces can be replaced and refreshed as needed.holiday-birch-slice-trivet-3

Capture the beauty of the season with this handsome Woodland Birch Slice Trivet. Keep the teapot filled with hot water and the residual heat will allow the spices and fruit to give off the most homey and comforting essence.Woodland Birch Slice Trivet

What You’ll Need:

natural birch tree slice

Christmas tree branch snippets

red berries (like Ilex berries) or cranberries

dried citrus slices (I used lemon and orange)

cinnamon sticks or spirals

star anise


hot glue gun


  1. 1. Place a teapot on the wood slice as a space guide. Glue the natural accents onto the wood slice according to what looks best to you, leaving the fresh elements (tree branches, berries) free form so that they can be changed out as needed.