A Very Merry Holiday Tea Party at Disneyland Hotel

Happy Holidays, tea friends! Thanks for stopping by on this most special of days! Just this week, I finally made my way out to the Disneyland Hotel for classic afternoon tea. The resort has been offering tea parties since the beginning of 2016, and this much anticipated visit left me with jolly memories and eager for another trip back!Just off of the Disneyland Hotel lobby, you’ll find Steakhouse 55. At first glance, the restaurant entrance looks like just a bar, but this is actually the waiting area that leads to the back room where you’ll enjoy your tea experience.
The ambiance is classy and upscale, with black and white images of classic Hollywood throughout the space. As you make your way through to the back room, you’ll catch a few iconic shots of Walt Disney, a treat for true Disney enthusiasts.

There’s an impressive tea selection here, and the seasonal flavors are a nice touch. I started off with the Mulled Spice, a caffeine-free herbal flavored with citrus, allspice, clove and cinnamon. It smelled wonderful and tasted even better. There was something bakey and cookie-like about the brew–so good that I was left wondering why they don’t sell the tea for guests to take home!
My husband ordered the Organic Pear Tree, which was bright and clean tasting–a Chinese green tea with just a hint of fruit. Since I ordered the Premium Tea Party Package, my meal also included an Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvée sparkling wine, a salad with peppermint vinaigrette and chocolate Farewell Truffles to finish.
Midway through the meal, we were pleased to be offered a second round of teas to try. For this additional steep, I ended up trying the Rosy Fig, while the hubby requested the Plummy Earl Grey. All the teas tasted wonderfully natural, not heavily laden with artificial flavorings.
The scones were on the heftier side, but not too big and with a moist and tender crumb. These are American-style scones, one Maple Pecan and the other made with currants.
disneyland-tea-6The sandwiches were open-faced and petit. The fillings (Christmas Tree Cucumber, Smoked Trout, Egg Waldorf Salad, Wreath-Shaped Caprese Salad) almost seemed to weigh down the soft bread rounds, but they were very tasty and we especially loved the trout variety.
The finale was this colorful plate of sweets. The gingerbread men cut outs were my favorite, slightly soft and mildy spicy. The raspberry French macaron had a nice tang and the intricately decorated chocolate dipped strawberries left me feeling like a kid in a candy store.
As I’ve come to expect from the staff at Disneyland, the service is excellent here and they do a great job of making every guest feel comfortable and welcome. I’m hoping that they continue to create holiday themed teas throughout the year, like their very popular Halloween “Trick or Tea.
If you’re planning to visit, definitely book reservations through the Disney Dining site or by calling 714-781-DINE. The calendar opens up 60 days out, and tea is only offered on weekends.

A visit to the restaurant means that you’ll get 3 hours of free valet, so try to bypass the theme park traffic and take advantage of this. A big thanks to Pilar Hamil, general manager of Disneyland Hotel and graduate of International Tea Masters Association for creating such a beautiful tea experience for all to enjoy!

Classic Afternoon Tea at Disneyland Hotel

1150 West Magic Way

Anaheim, CA 92802


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They used to sell tuxedo chocolate-dipped strawberries at the snack shop at the Grand Californian, but they stopped a few years ago 🙁 I am looking forward to trying their afternoon tea.

heather (delicious not gorgeous)

i finally went inside the disneyland hotel last weekend when i was volunteering for their marathon, and it is so gorgeous! i can just imagine how amazing that atmosphere must be (: and i’m glad to hear that their fruit teas didn’t taste artificial; i feel like that’s what usually happens, and it ends up with me steering away towards them.