Everyday Detox Tea

Everyday Detox Tea is the elixir you need when you’re struggling to jump-start your day. This mélange of natural flavors reinvigorates and refreshes, setting the tone for making healthier choices.There are more than a few ingredients here, but they’re specific ones meant for vitality. First, there’s green tea, an effective metabolism booster. Then, there’s mint and ginger, known for being anti-inflammatory. Honey, gogi berries and lemon juice are all loaded with antioxidants and finally, there’s a kick of cayenne pepper–great for simulating circulation.

This soulful steep starts with a simple green tea bag–this time, using Yamamotoyama’s Special Occasion Green Tea. This tea is made from Saikoukyu Sencha, finest quality tea leaves cultivated in the highlands of Japan. When I’m traveling and want rich Sencha flavor without the hassle of steeping from loose-leaf, this is the tea I bring along.After the hot tea has a chance to sit a while, all the flavors will meld to create a bright and piquant brew. The gogi berries will also have had a chance to plump up and release their mild sweetness.I like to think of this drink as a gentle nudge eat a little healthier, exercise a little longer, care a little more. This is, after all, Special Occasion Tea, and every day should be just that!

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Everyday Detox Tea

1 large cup of tea. 


1 green tea bag (I used Yamamotoyama’s Special Occasion Green Tea)

juice of 1 lemon

3 springs fresh mint

3 slices of ginger

1 Tbsp gogi berries

1 Tbsp raw or Manuka honey

pinch of cayenne pepper


1. Place all ingredients in a large mug and fill with hot water. Enjoy!

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Bonnie Eng

This is wonderful for starting out your day, Gabriela! Hope you can try sometime soon! 😉