Year of the Rooster Mochi

Happy Year of the Rooster! In a few short days, Chinese New Year will come into full swing. To celebrate, I’ve joined up with 22 other bloggers to bring you a host of sweet treats to mark this fantastically fowl year. My offering at this Sweet Lunar New Year Party are these Year of the Rooster Mochi. These are like an Asian version of cake balls, except this time, chewy mochi rice cakes are the star of the show. Originally, I thought I’d go out and buy some candies and sprinkles to decorate these, but then I looked around my kitchen and realized that I already had everything I needed. Citrus fruit skins, leftover gogi berries, and some nuts and seeds–just like that, these Rooster Mochi became that much more irresistible.These are made with vanilla mochi ice cream, but you can also use regular (room temp) mochi or Daifuku instead. Even better, try your hand at making your own! The best way to attach the decorations is with either nut butter or frosting since they are tacky enough to adhere to the powdery surface of the mochi. Ok, I’m kinda obsessed with how adorable these little cluckers turned out. Along a hot cup of Chinese tea, I served one to my hubby just last night and noticed that he sipped the tea first, stared at the mochi, and then chuckled a bit before taking a bite. Sip, admire, and then taste…in my opinion–always the right sequence!A big thanks to Christine from the beautiful blog, Vermilion Roots, for hosting this #SweetLunarNewYearParty! For more recipes, please check out the links below. So many treats to go along with your favorite cup of Chinese tea!

Year of the Rooster Mochi


mochi, the vanilla ice cream kind or regular mochi, like a Daifuku

1 orange or tangerine, for “beak”

1 lemon, for “feet”

gogi berries, for “comb”

black sesame seeds, for “eyes”

whole almonds, for “wings”

nut butter, for attaching decorations


mini triangle and star cutters


mini cupcake liners


1. Carefully cut thin layers of peel off of an orange and lemon. Use the triangle and star cutters to cut out the “beak” and “feet” of each rooster.

2. First, using a toothpick and dabs of nut butter, attach the gogi berries to make the rooster “comb.” Then, attach the citrus peel “beak” and “feet.” Finally, attach the sesame seed eyes and almond wings.

3. The mochi can be stored back in the freezer (if using ice cream mochi), or in the fridge if using the regular kind. Happy Chinese New Year!!