Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoons & A Giveaway!

This Valentine’s Day, heartwarming Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoons are a nice swap out for those not-so-thoughtful boxes of chocolate from the corner drug store. Super easy to make and sweeter than sweet, this is a treat that any tea lover will love cozying up with.

I’ve made many giftable confections in the past, but these really take the cake for how easy they are to make and share. A riff on regular hot chocolate spoons, vibrant matcha adds a rich layer of tea flavor to a white chocolate base.

The hardest part of this recipe is to not overheat the white chocolate during melting. Either melt your white chocolate in 10 second intervals in the microwave or over a double boiler, low and slow. Both methods work well as long as you are patient.

For best results, sift culinary matcha directly atop the melted chocolate, and then immediately mix it in to prevent clumping. For a gourmet touch, I also like to add the seeds of a scraped vanilla bean. A standard silicone ice cube mold will provide the perfect amount of chocolate to yield 1 cup of matcha hot chocolate.Along with sprinkles, decorate the chocolate cubes with some gourmet sugar hearts from Chambre de Sucre or even an extra dusting of bittersweet matcha. You can dunk these spoons in milk or just plain hot water if you prefer your beverage on the lighter side.You can also fancy these up by using porcelain or acrylic teaspoons instead of wooden or disposable ones. Slip the finished spoons into cello lollipop bags and tie with ribbon to create instant party favors.Chilly winter days are the best time to enjoy adorable Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoons. Not your everyday hot chocolate, they’re sure to win the heart of all the green tea lovers you know!

Culinary Matcha courtesy of Yunomi.

Heart sugars courtesy of Chambre de Sucre

***Valentine’s Day Giveaway***

Ok guys, this is a serious giveaway!

The gourmet sugar & tea boutique, Chambre de Sucre has generously offered to host a giveaway for 5 tubes of Mini Heart Sugars, 3 boxes of Teacup Huggers & a tube of Rainbow Sugar.  

Yes…ALL of them! Total value, $113.25. 

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The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day 2017!  Good Luck!!

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Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoons

Makes 8 spoons.


1-11 oz. package of white chocolate chips

2 Tbsp matcha, sifted (I used Yunomi’s Organic Culinary Matcha)

seeds of 1 vanilla bean, cut open lengthwise and scraped

decorative sugars/sprinkles (I used Chambre de Sucre’s Sugar Hearts)

8 teaspoons or lollipop sticks


double boiler

rubber spatula

square ice cube tray

lollipop bags and ribbon, if gifting


  1. 1. Melt the chocolate on top of a double boiler low and slow, mixing with a rubber spatula. Make sure that the water in the bottom pot isn’t touching the top pot. Do not rush this process as you don’t want the chocolate to seize.

2. Add the sifted matcha and scraped vanilla bean to the melted chocolate and mix thoroughly. Spoon out 1 Tbsp of the chocolate and reserve for later use.

3. Pour the melted chocolate into the cavities of the ice cube tray. Let the chocolate set for about 5 minutes, then insert a spoon or lolli stick into each cavity. If you’d like, sprinkle the top surface of the chocolate with sprinkles. Let the chocolate cool completely, then unmold gently.

4. Attach decorative sugars onto each Matcha Hot Chocolate Spoon using dabs of the reserved melted chocolate (remelt in microwave for a few seconds). Package into cello bags and tie with ribbon for easy gifting.

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Catherine Carroca

Hi Bonnie! How cute are those. So I have had many types of green teas but I never had matcha (I know I know). You talk about it so much Indecided to go out this weekend and buy some from Wegmans. I bought Genmatcha and another that I didn’t write the name on but it’s a lovely bright green. I don’t know if I started in a good place. Oh and I also got a house sencha matcha blend. Knowing you love it…where should I begin. I didn’t realize it had roasted rice which brings a nice malty flavor. I thought it would be more of a powder. Thank you!

Ian Chun (Yunomi Tea Merchant)

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for making this beautiful recipe!!

Catherine, genmaicha is actually a completely different tea from matcha. Genmaicha is toasted rice with a green tea base (usually bancha sometimes sencha). Sencha, bancha, gyokuro, are all leaves that have been steamed rolled dried. Gyokuro is also shaded for about 3 weeks for extra savory flavor.

Matcha though is shaded 3-5 weeks (usually 4), the highest grades harvested in spring, and it is steamed and dried without rolling before ground into a fine powder.

A culinary grade matcha has two main characteristics, it is made from lower grade leaf (usually autumn harvest though this one has some summer leaves), and as a result is more bitter, often less fine than premium Matcha. This makes it cheaper but also much more suitable for culinary use as the flavor stands out better against sweetners.

Bonnie Eng

Definitely listen to Ian, Catherine…he know’s what he is talking about! 🙂 Also, make sure to not overbrew the tea, use the correct temp of water, and to steep it for the suggested amount of time to start. You can later adapt to your liking to make weaker or stronger. After you taste them, feel free to message me with which ones you liked the most. Based on that I can give you more tea tips and suggestions! Talk soon! 😉

Annamarie Voss

These look so good and would make a unique gift. I’m following on Facebook and Instagram avosslm

Lynn | The Road to Honey

I absolutely adore these in lieu of the standard, lackluster boxes of chocolate that are traditionally given at Valentines Day. And as an avid tea drinker, I love your twist on the usual hot chocolate. Something I definitely would want to cozy up to on this cold, snowy days we suddenly have been having.


Wow how beautiful! I agree, white chocolate can be a little tricky to melt correctly but it’s totally worth it!

J Wong

Your recipes are made with such artistry. I’ve been a fan of matcha since I visited Japan. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Have liked Chambre de Sucre on Facebook.


This such a cute idea! I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t a DIY recipe. Totally could pass off as something Chambre de Sucre would make!


This is my first time at your blog and it’s already a blast! I really love the style here and all the recipes I’ve seen so far. Thanks for the great recipe!


Buenas noches que tal esta aun no conozco el Te de Matcha me gustaria probarlo,e leido es muy beneficioso para la salud, les sigo por Instagram y Facebook

Sara Shacket

What a fun recipe! Your ideas are always so clever. Can’t wait to try it. Pairing up with Chambre de Sucre is such a match made in heaven!! I can’t help but enter the contest 🙂

Grace Hendrian

These look soooo tasty and cute! I think I know what I’ll be doing with the matcha I’ve had sitting around.

Laura Williams

Those look great! I never liked how sweet white hot chocolate is, but the matcha might temper that sweetness. I will have to try out the recipe.


This is such a delightful idea!! Thank you for showing it to us!! Have to get on the ball to make it by Valentines too! Thank you also for your generous giveaway! Am a follower on IG as @jordanbev5 and FB as Beverly Jordan. Enjoy!


These look so cute! I love Matcha especially combined with white chocolate. They are perfect as a Valentine’s gift.


How cute and quaint!!! I’ve followed Chambre de Sucre on both Instagram (under the name @luvmyminime) and Facebook (Tyneisha F.). These spoons are just too adorable!


My girlfriend loves tea and I found your blog looking for Valentine ideas. What a cute gift these would make. Maybe we could find some other fun things to create too ❤️. Thank you for the idea and for the giveaway chance. I heard a lot of good things about Chambre de sucre

Happy Tomodachi

Ooooh! Wish I saw this post earlier so I could make these in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s okay, another thing to add to my to try list!!! Sounds wonderful!!!

Penelope Rivas

I am obsessed with everything matcha! I wish there was a store that exclusively sold all matcha pastries, drinks and goods. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂


Super cute!!! This is a neat idea for hot chocolate. Does the decorative sugar also melt well? (Doesn’t change the green colour of the matcha?)

Catherine Chee

Totally in love with these cute and creative idea! The Art of Food is so much to explore and you will only complaint that time is not enough to try all the recipes! Definitely has inspired me thoroughly xoxo


I absolutely love matcha so this is something I have to try! Such a great idea, and perfect for a more sophisticated Valentine’s Day!

Julia Hope

Hi. How can I purchase the sugar cat cup huggers? Would like to have these for gifts as well as myself.

Julia Hope

Where can I purchase the sugars, particularly the Neko cat huggers. I’ve tried the website listed from your post but the website isn’t in operation.
Thank you,