Enchanted Rose Cloche

Ok, so by now you know how obsessed I am with Beauty and the Beast and all of the tea culture that comes along with it. Today I thought I’d share a quick DIY with you that you might have gotten a glimpse of already in yesterday’s postThis little floral project isn’t directly related to tea, but since tea and flowers go hand in hand, I thought I’d share about it anyways. At the very least, think of this Enchanted Rose Cloche as a beautiful addition to any tea table.The key here is to get a cloche that isn’t too big or too tall. The one I used measures about 8″ tall and 6″ across the base, just enough for a single rose. All you have to do is hot glue a clear pushpin upside down to the middle of the cloche base. The cut stem of a fresh rose is then inserted directly into the pin…that’s all folks!Thanks to some mini battery operated lights, this Enchanted Rose Cloche looks beautiful in the dark too. Surprisingly, even without water this mini floral arrangement lasts for several days.The best part is, the rose looks even more magical when it starts to wilt and droop. I must confess…I’m absolutely in love with this simple DIY. And if you love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast like I do, you will too!

Enchanted Rose Cloche

What You’ll Need:

glass cloche

hot glue or regular strong bonding glue (if you are ok with waiting for it to dry)

1 clear pushpin

1 fresh rose, cut to fit into cloche

mini battery operated lights


1. Hot glue (or regular glue) the flat top of a clear pushpin to the center of the cloche base. Wait for it to dry completely.

2. Peel off a few petals from the rose. Insert the center of the cut stem of the rose into the pushpin. Scatter the plucked petals about the base, trying to cover the pin in a natural-looking way.

3. Place a few mini lights about the base as well, using the petals to cover and hide the light bases a bit. Enjoy!

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Bonnie Eng

Thanks so much, Stephanie! I got the cloche at Homegoods for less than $10. They have many to choose from. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by–love your blog!

Denise Richie

So simple, yet elegant! And a cloche elevates anything! Thanks for the idea.

Bonnie Eng

Thank you so much, Denise! You are so right, a cloche makes almost anything more beautiful. 🙂 Hope you can make this sometime soon!