Classic Afternoon Tea at the Disneyland Hotel

Tea at the Disneyland Hotel is always vintage experience, dusted with a touch of charm and whimsy. The last time I visited Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel, it was wintertime and I was stopping by to enjoy their Very Merry Holiday Tea Party. Half a year later, I wanted to return on a regular weekend to see how their Classic Afternoon Tea was different and to also check out their Kid’s Tea Party Menu. The Disneyland Hotel holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, the main one being that I got married in the hotel’s Rose Court Garden back in 2009. When we have free time, the hubby and I often go back to reminisce–a stroll through the hotel always brings us a sense of wonder and joy. Steakhouse 55 is where all the magic happens. The venue serves tea on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Typically, you’ll want to make reservations several weeks in advance. Their calendar is only opened up 2 months ahead of time and slots fill up fast.
If there’s one thing you can expect at the Disneyland Hotel, it’s a friendly and enthusiastic wait staff. After chatting a bit, the waiter informed me that all of the teas offered are one of two brands, from either Twinings or Tea Leaves.
Both the Shanghai Rose and the Rosy Fig teas are very popular here. And for the kiddos, the Cherry Blossom Green and caffeine-free Redbush Caramel Velvet are good choices.Since I enjoyed the Rosy Fig the last time I stopped by, I ordered the Shanghai Rose on this visit. A sweet black tea with hints of lychee and rose petals, this blend is robust yet elegant. For my taste, this is definitely a tea that I could enjoy every day.Expect for the tea sandwich flavors to be classic and straight forward. The menu consists of traditional favorites–Salmon Gravlax, Cucumber & Watercress, Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella and Deviled Cage-Free Egg Salad Sandwiches.
Attention chocolate chip scone lovers! Remember to order a Mickey Mouse Scone for yourself off of the Kid’s Menu! These babies don’t come as part of the Classic Tea Party, so you’ll need to put in a special request to your waiter. Mickey Mouse Scones are absolutely delicious–rich and heavy on the chocolate chips. They’re so amazing that I created a Copycat Recipe for baking them at home!
Here’s a glimpse of the other items from the Kid’s Menu–a PB&J Mickey Tea Sandwich, Ham & Cheese and a Cucumber Sandwich like the one from the adult set. The sweets are much like those from Christmastime, except that the Gingerbread Man is now replaced with some Fresh Fruit Tarts. I enjoyed the Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries the most. Perhaps it’s because we’re in SoCal, but winter or summer they somehow manage to always serve the best strawberries!
I plan on returning for many more tea times here, especially for their seasonal takes on tea like the upcoming Special Halloween Trick or TeaFrom September to October, they’ll be celebrating tea time with hauntingly delicious treats and fall-themed teas including Apple Pie Tea…doesn’t that sound delicious? Can’t wait!!

Classic Afternoon Tea at Disneyland Hotel

1150 West Magic Way

Anaheim, CA 92802


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The afternoon tea looks great and really yummy. The shanghai tea probably would have been one of my choices as well but I bet that all of them sounded yummy 🙂
Apple pie tea does sound like a great treat for Autumn!