Marie Antoinette Tea

Ahhh, cotton candy. The stuff sugary dreams are made of. Colorful and fun, the fluffy stuff has definitely made a culinary comeback lately and luckily, tea is part of that!
Also known as cotton candy tea, Marie Antoinette Tea is nothing more than hot tea poured over a handful of fresh cotton candy placed in a teacup. Bunched up high like Madame Deficit‘s ostentatious hairstyles, the more carefree you are with placing the candy in the cup, the more whimsical the effect. You can use any ordinary brand of cotton candy here, but for an occasion as fancy as Marie Antoinette Tea, I like to up the glamour factor by using Bon Puf gourmet cotton candy. Bon Puf is based out of LA, creating a truly modern take on this classic treat! Bon Puf has many unique flavors to choose from (like Sugar Cookie & Salted Caramel!), but I especially love their classic tea flavors like Earl Grey, Chai & Rose. These are ideal for using with a bold, unflavored black tea. And for lovers of green tea, there’s Lychee Green Tea cotton candy!An important component of this recipe is the teacup that you use to present the cotton candy in. The more impressive the teacup, the more delightful the experience. This is a great time to pull out your most cherished bone china pieces.
I don’t always add sugar to my tea, but for black teas like Afternoon Tea or English Breakfast blends, it can be really nice. A large handful of the candy creates a very subtle sweetness, like adding a teaspoon of sugar to your cup.
It’s also a good idea to steep your tea on the stronger side here. As your guests may also be adding milk to the sugared brew, this ensures that the tea’s flavor is able to shine though. Serve Marie Antoinette Tea at your next fancy tea party and I’m sure your guests will be captivated and charmed. And make sure to use the freshest cotton candy you can get, as you want those ‘dos to stay nice and poofy for as long as possible!A big thanks to Bon Puf for providing the cotton candy used in this post. Please check out their site for the most delicious assortment of cotton candy flavors, like Sparkle Puff (made with edible glitter)! 

Marie Antoinette Tea


cotton candy (I used Earl Grey, Chai & Rose flavored cotton candy from Bon Puf)

hot tea

milk, to serve (optional)


your most beautiful teacups!


1. Place a handful of cotton candy in a teacup. Fluff it so that it looks like Marie Antoinette’s hair.

2. Pour freshly steeped hot tea into the teacup & enjoy with or without milk.

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Shannon @loveatfirstbento

Omg Bonnie, you’re making me want to literally get out of my seat right now and throw the girliest most lavish tea party I possibly can! (Except, I think my only guests would be my stuffed alpacas & Pusheens…) I’ve never been a giant cotton candy fan, but adding it to tea? I think I need this in my life. I also had no idea there were places like Bon Puf that made such decadent cotton candy flavors. Sugar cookie? Salted caramel? Literally dead right now. Loving the whimsical, almost fairy-like look to your photos too, that’s just so perfect for this tea-time treat. Totally infatuated with this!

And ps you have the most gorgeous tea cups! Seriously, every time I read one of your posts, it awakens the “little girl who loved the idea of tea parties” inside of me, and then I start wishing I had all the stuff to actually have a tea party, haha. I love your blog so much! 😀


Ah, this Marie Antoinette tea is a true embodiment of luxury and sophistication! Your recipe does not just create a drink, but creates a real tea symphony for the taste buds.

How stunning the tea itself looks in elegant cups filled with aroma! This drink is a pure pleasure for all senses.

Having tried this Marie Antoinette tea, I felt like a real queen of time and a connoisseur of the exquisite. Thank you for such a magical recipe!