Classic Tea Time Christmas Wreath

This Classic Tea Time Christmas Wreath is a done up version of my Tea & Cookie Wreath from last year. This time, instead of everyday teas, best-quality, loose leaf teas are studded onto a fresh wreath along with some classic tea time accessories. My local market was well-stocked with gorgeous boxwood wreaths the other day which got me thinking that one would make a beautiful canvas for featuring Sloane Fine Tea’s Mini Caddies. These adorable tin caddies measure about 2″ across, and make luxurious party favors or ornaments for embellishing this wreath.To gift along with the tea, I’ve attached some small teacups and teaspoons. It’s important that the trinkets be relatively lightweight so they don’t weigh down the branches of the wreath. This is a great time to use dainty bone china demitasse cups and spoons. Vintage or vintage-style cups and spoons with artful designs are ideal here.
I discovered Sloane a few years back on a trip to Toronto and have been in love with their exquisite teas ever since. For the holidays, they feature a blend called Celebration Medley, a spicy rooibos tisane with a hint of apple, orange and rose. The tea tastes as festive as the tin looks–a must try for Christmas!The tea used in this post is courtesy of Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

Classic Tea Time Christmas Wreath

What You’ll Need:

fresh or artificial wreath (I used a natural boxwood wreath)

mini tea tins or individually wrapped tea sachets

small demitasse or teacups

small teaspoons

small ornaments


twist ties


1. Tape twist ties to the back of larger items. For lighter/smaller items just use the tie to attach it to the wreath.2. Roughly place the items on the wreath. Situate the items where they look best to you.3. Attach the items using the twist ties. To fix the items in an exact location, you may need to use additional twist ties or tape.

4. Finish the wreath by adding additional trinkets or ornaments.

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Bonnie Eng

Hey Rosa, thank you so much! Means a lot to hear from you & I’m so glad you that enjoy. 🙂

Shannon @loveatfirstbento

I am IN LOVE with this gorgeous wreath! You are so insanely creative Bonnie, I am just always so blown away by all of your gorgeous creations! I am actually really tempted to make this wreath, except I don’t really know anyone who’s super into tea who I could give it to… maybe I’ll just make it for myself (lol)? At any rate, adore all the details you give on how to create this Xmas masterpiece, and as always, love your pictures!