Banana Matcha Protein Shake

There’s no better drink to get you though a busy Monday than my Banana Matcha Protein Shake.  I used to think of protein shakes as strange concoctions that only body builders tolerated for the sake of vanity.  Trying to stay open-minded while looking for a fast and filling way to get though my mornings, I gave protein shakes another chance.  I soon discovered that I was wrong–protein shakes can actually be both nutritious and tasty.  And the vanity bit?  Well, I suppose a bit of vanity can sometimes be a good thing.

The best thing about protein shakes?  They help to keep you full for hours.  For a foodie obsessed with bites and treats like I am, protein shakes are the perfect way to keep my diet balanced without having to think too much.

Vanilla protein powder is my favorite because it’s plain and takes well to a variety of ingredients.  My secret ingredient in this shake are freeze-dried bananas, which pack some natural, not-too-sweet, concentrated banana flavor into the mix.  An added bonus is that freeze-dried bananas are convenient to use in the AM when time is of the essence.

Banana and matcha aren’t used together as much as they should be.  There’s something about the slight bitterness of matcha and the tropical sweetness of banana that makes them naturally delicious partners.  The only thing that I don’t prefer about blending the two together is how the brilliant color of matcha gets muddled.  The solution?  Adding few leaves of dark green kale or spinach in!  Added nutrition and good looks–what’s not to like?

Whirl up one of these shakes for breakfast, right before hitting the gym, or anytime you need an energy boost.  Let’s be honest…protein shakes are practical–they serve a very specific purpose.  My Banana Matcha Protein Shake is where practicality and purpose collide with wholesome yumminess.  Hey, if I’m going to eat healthy it might as well be with a treat like this! Happy Matcha Monday!!

Banana Matcha Protein Shake

Makes 1 shake.


1 cup vanilla almond milk (I used the 30 calorie per cup kind)

1 cup crushed ice

1/2 cup freeze-dried bananas

1 tsp matcha powder

1 Tbsp almond butter

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

few leaves of fresh baby kale or spinach

extra matcha, for garnish




1.)  Blend all the ingredients together in a blender, pour into a tall glass, and sprinkle some matcha powder on top to finish!