BLTea Sandwiches

For me, everything is more enjoyable when eaten in miniature.  I think this is because foods served in smaller portions somehow inspire me to slow down, relish, and taste more thoughtfully.  Ideally, these foods are also beautiful to look at, adding to that satisfaction factor.

The treat that I’ve miniaturized this week are these scrumptious BLTea Sandwiches.  These cuties make the most delicious treat for a cheerful afternoon tea, a classy appetizer for an elegant dinner party, or even just a simple and yummy mid-day snack.

BLT sandwiches are often made with sliced bread…like a Pain Di Mie, the same type ideally used for crustless tea sandwiches.  So just when it’s obvious and typical to use one kind of bread, it’s the time switch things up.  My Mini Burger Buns are the perfect swap out here–beautiful, easy-to-make, and very delicious!

Although these buns are perfect for sliders, they also give my BLTea Sandwiches a sophisticated look that’s presentable and inviting.  The bread is made from an Asian water-roux based dough–slightly chewy with a texture that stands up well to any flavorful filling.  Here, salty slices of Applewood smoked bacon, ripe tomato, and crisp lettuce stack up to make adorable tea sandwiches with simple, straight-forward flavor.

My suggestion is to bake the Mini Buns earlier on the day you plan on serving them as the texture of the buns is most light and chewy when served at its freshest.  And don’t forget the sesame seeds!  They add a bit of rustic charm to the buns, and some nutty flavor too. It’s also a good idea to slice and toast the buns in some oil or butter right before assembling.

Consider these BLTea Sandwiches the ideal starter for your next get together.  These munching hors d’oeuvres are sure to be the most enticing tea food offering on the table–even the manliest of men will find these delightful tea sandwiches hard to resist!

BLTea Sandwiches

Makes 10 sandwiches.  


10 pieces of cooked/crispy Applewood smoked bacon

3-4 medium size vine-ripened tomatoes

4 large pieces of iceberg or other lettuce

1/4 cup mayo

10 Mini Burger Buns

olive oil or butter for toasting buns


large pan for toasting buns

spreader for mayo

serrated knife to slice buns

paper towels to blot tomatoes

10 toothpicks

large platter for serving


1.)  Slice buns in half horizontally.  Place pan on med heat, then lightly drizzle the pan with olive oil or coat the pan lightly with butter.  Place the sliced buns, cut side down, on the pan for a few minutes until the buns are lightly toasted.  Remove buns from the pan and place on a large plate.

2.)  Lightly spread the toasted surface of each bun with mayo.  Slice the tomatoes about 1/4″ thick, then place them on paper towels for a few minutes to blot out any excess liquid.  Place tomato and torn lettuce on the bottom pieces of mayo-coated bread.  Break one bacon piece into 2 or 3 equal pieces, then place on top of lettuce.  Place top bun on and insert toothpick so that it pierces through the center of the sandwich.

3.)  Place tea sandwiches on a large platter and serve at room temperature.

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I agree – anything looks so adorable in minitaure size. I have made tiny quiches, muffins, kebabs, but I have never made tiny buns. The weird thing is that I have not even thought about makeing them until a visit to Barcelona a few weeks back – now I cannot wait to try. And your recipe looks perfect for the job!

Patty Nguyen

Bonnie, everything you make is so darling and perfect!! How do you do it?? I had a blt on baguette for lunch today, but your mini versions look way better!


Can’t beat a blt! Trust me, there are many things I make that turn out disastrous…I should probably start adding those to my posts! =)


“I think this is because foods served in smaller portions somehow inspire me to slow down.”

I think you’re on to something brilliant here, especially as it relates to tea gatherings!


Such cute little tea sandwiches! I love miniature food too! I should say I love miniature everything. When I see those cute little things, they just make me happy. I am sure your sandwiches are just perfect, especially with those sweet homemade buns and smokey bacon. Sounds so good!


so true! anything miniaturized looks so much appetizing! love these sandwiches!