Boozy Cacao Mint Tea Shakes

When it comes to infusing tea into spirits, vodka, sake, and white wine are my liquors of choice. In this recipe for Boozy Tea Shakes, Cacao Mint flavored vodka delivers bold chocolate taste and a bittersweet kick. Let the good times begin!

Tisano’s Organic Cacao Mint is roasty and refreshing, a with a touch of Egyptian peppermint. The taste is almost edging towards coffee, but it’s lighter and much less harsh. For full-bodied flavor, this herbal tea is steeped in vodka for 1-2 days before it’s joined with the rest of the milkshake ingredients. Using the same proportions, you can easily swap out other teas and ice creams to make these frosty treats. Rose Tea & Pistachio Shakes? Yup. Green Tea & Strawberry? You got it! Honestly, there are so many possibilities!These shakes taste a lot like the rich mocha drinks you get at the corner coffee shop. The vodka adds a punch of cocoa flavor in the same way that chocolate syrup does–without the added sweetness.Skip the after dinner mints and serve these Boozy Cacao Mint Tea Shakes as the finale to any elegant meal. Just a taste and “after dinner tea” will never be the same!This post is sponsored by Tea Sparrow.

Boozy Cacao Mint Tea Shakes


{Tea Infused Vodka- yields about 3/4 cups vodka, enough for 6 shakes}

1/2 cup vodka

2 Tbsp chocolate mint tea (I used Tisano’s Organic Cacao Mint)

{Shakes- makes 2 small shakes}

1 cup chocolate ice cream or yogurt

1/4 cup tea infused vodka (see above)

1/3 cup milk


cocoa nibs

fresh mint


large mason jar with lid



small glasses, for serving


1. Infuse the Vodka. A day or two before you plan on making the shakes, steep the tea in the vodka in a mason jar. Put the lid on the mason jar, then let the tea steep in the vodka at room temperature for 1-2 days.

2. After 1-2 days, strain the infused vodka (now chocolate mint flavored vodka!) away from the tisane leaves. Store the infused vodka back in the mason jar until ready to use.

3. Make the Shakes. Combine the shake ingredients together in a blender to make 2 small shakes. Garnish the shakes with cocoa nibs and fresh mint to finish. Cheers!