Cookie Crumble Latte

On a cool fall afternoon, what could be more satisfying than a cookie and hot cup of tea? Surprise! There is something more delicious, and it’s called a Cookie Crumble Latte! Black tea, vanilla, and almond flavors meld together here to create a biscuity, cozy drink.The magic combination of wheat flour, sugar, and cinnamon is a homey and comforting one. You can use any type of cookie to make this, but I particularly love using Belgian Speculoos cookies. Expect to use a grand total of 5 small cookies here: 4 for flavoring the latte milk and 1 for crumbling on top!
As for the tea, any black tea will work fine in this recipe, but if you can find a vanilla or almond flavored one, even better. I bought this tin of Lupicia’s Cookie flavored tea after I fell in love with its scent in the store. The tea has the essence of butter, caramel, and almonds…amazing by itself, but over-the-top delicious with milk.

To make this yummy concoction, I took a tip from my Cereal Milk Tea post from awhile back. Most of the cookies in this recipe are used to infuse the frothing milk. The leftover cookie solids aren’t actually eaten–they’re strained away from the milk the same way the tea leaves are strained from the tea. The resulting flavored milk is richly wheaty and thick…perfect for whipping up into a froth!The best part of this treat is found after you’ve sipped your way through to the bottom of the cup. You’ll find softened cookie crumbles and a strong dusting of cinnamon spice there. Finally, you’ll reach the best part: that last layer of yummy cookie milk froth, there to convince you that Cookie Crumble Lattes are the drink to whip up this holiday season!Cookie Crumble Latte

Makes 1 latte.


1 Tbsp black tea, preferably flavored with vanilla or almond (I used Lupicia’s Cookie)

1 1/4 cup hot water

1 cup almond or regular whole milk

5 Speculoos cookies

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp almond extract

honey or brown sugar, to taste

cinnamon to finish


large microwavable measuring cup

fine mesh strainer

milk frother or large mason jar with lid (if you don’t have a frother)

large latte cup


1. Pour the almond milk into a large measuring cup. Add 4 crumbled cookies to the milk, making sure they are submerged. Heat the milk in the microwave for 1 minute, 15 seconds.

2. Meanwhile, brew the tea according to the suggested brewing time. The tea is brewed strong here, with a ratio of 1 Tbsp of tea leaves to 1 1/4 cup of hot water. Remove the cookie milk from the microwave and strain the flavored milk out away from the cookie solids using a fine mesh strainer. Pour the milk into a milk frother or large mason jar with lid. Discard the solids and set the milk aside.

3. Pour the brewed tea into your latte cup. Mix in the vanilla and almond extracts and sweetener to taste. Froth the milk, either in a frother or by using this easy mason jar frothing method (in step 2 of London Fog Latte recipe).

4. Pour the froth on top of the brewed tea, then crumble 1 cookie finely on top of the latte. Finish with a dusting of cinnamon and enjoy!