Inside Out Fortune Cookies

Even though fortune cookies are much more American than they are Asian, I can’t resist enjoying them around Chinese New Year. Not only do I love that hidden cosmic message tucked inside, even better–these iconic treats do a wonderful job of enhancing the taste of tea.

If you’ve ever humored the thought of making Homemade Fortune Cookies and skipped over the idea, this little project will delight you. Consider this a test-run for making the real cookies, except that the process is minified and much more forgiving!To make these Inside Out Fortune Cookies, you’ll want to start with Chidori Senbei. These flat rounds taste exactly like Fortune Cookies, but are smaller and not folded. These are easily found at Asian markets, and often come with a light scattering of sesame seeds.I create mini fortune cookies by using a small cutter to make rounds from rolled chewy caramel. The folding directions are exactly the same as with regular sized fortune cookies, but this time we use a toothpick to create the cookie’s fold instead of a chopstick!To glue the shaped caramels to the Chidori, we simply use a dollop of melted chocolate. The cherished fortune cookie message is also parked atop the cookie, ready to be pulled off before enjoying.What I love most about these Inside Out Fortune Cookies is that you can now deliberately choose your fortune instead of leaving it up to chance! How’s that for creating luck and prosperity? And with that I’d like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year! Remember to drink plenty of Monkey Picked Oolong in 2016!!
Inside Out Fortune Cookies

Makes 15 cookies. 


15 Chidori Senbei

1/4 cup chocolate, melted

5 chewy caramels

red and yellow nonpareils (optional)

paper fortunes (find a template or make your own)


work surface

rolling pin

small 1″ circle cutter


small spoon


1. Make the fortune cookie caramels by rolling the caramel pieces to a thickness of 1/16″. Cut out 1″ rounds with the cutter. You should get about 3 cut-outs from each piece of caramel.

2. Fold each round in half. Place a toothpick upright against the straight edge of the semi-circle, then use your other hand to pull the sides in towards the center. Please check out my Waffle Cone Fortune Cookies for a visual of this step. Repeat this step to create 15 miniature caramel fortune cookies.

3. Lay out 15 Chidori on a work surface. Place a small dollop of melted chocolate on each round, then scatter with sprinkles. Let the chocolate set for a few minutes, then stick the mini caramel fortune cookie in the center of the chocolate. Finally, place the paper fortune behind the fortune cookie, facing forward. Happy New Year & enjoy!