Mint Green Tea Au Lait

Two green leaves from two different plants, destined to meet in one cozy cup. While green tea is great for livening up any hazy day, mint tea is ideal for winding down in the evenings. Mint Green Tea Au Lait is where these two distinct flavors mingle together to create one rich and refreshing cup of tea.
The earthy astringency of green tea and fresh sweetness of mint work perfectly together here. To infuse the tea with minty flavor, simply add mint leaves to your hot brew. Press on the leaves with the back of a spoon until they become bruised to release their flavor.Depending on how much you love mint, press the leaves for a longer or shorter amount of time. Some fluffy frothed milk elevates this tea to the next level. The light texture of this cloud-like layer helps to highlight the herbaceous taste of the mint.
This Mint Green Tea Au Lait is a dreamy treat to enjoy when you’re looking for a tasty, effortless tea break. Enjoy one as a dessert swap out or as a gentle start to your day. Minimal effort with a fancy tea shop taste–what’s not to love!?

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Mint Green Tea Au Lait

Makes 1 drink.


1 packet of Yamamotoyama’s Sweetened Powdered Green Tea

1 cup regular, almond, or soy milk, heated to scalding

4 large mint leaves, plus extra for garnish

frothed milk, for topping


latte cup


milk frother


1. Place the green tea powder, heated milk, and mint leaves in a latte cup. Use the back of the spoon to crush the mint leaves until they are bruised. You can either leave these in the tea or remove them at this point.

2. Top the tea with frothed milk and garnish with extra mint leaves. Enjoy!