Peaches & Cream Tea Floats

Peach season is, quite simply, a thing of beauty. The fruit section of the local farmers’ market is brimming with the most gorgeous selection of stone fruits this time of year, from crunchy, crispy white peaches to fuzzy, yellow-fleshed ones, ideal for making a rustic end-of-summer peach cobbler.

This recipe for Peaches & Cream Tea Floats uses the latter type of peach, the kind with softer flesh that’s perfectly juicy. This fruit inspired version of root beer floats is not only easy to make but elegant tasting too–it’s a frosty treat bursting with simple peachy goodness.
I first tried Lipton’s Sparkling Iced Tea on a whim this summer. Parched from all that California sun, I found myself craving something fizzy and fruity, like a not-too-sweet Italian soda. Other than kombucha, I don’t usually buy many bottled teas, but I found this one to be crisp, tasty, and really refreshing.
You’ll want to use yellow peaches that aren’t fully ripe here. A firm yet slightly soft peach is ideal, one that hasn’t reached the point of mushy. I like to use a good quality vanilla bean ice cream, and also add in a splash of vanilla extract to enhance the creamy notes.This may be a simple treat to throw together, but the taste of peaches, black tea, and cream are a summertime symphony of flavors. Serve these in chilled glasses with large slices of peaches and long iced tea spoons for a rich and refreshing sunny season thirst quencher. Make the most of those beautiful peaches while you can, because fall is just around the corner!

Peaches & Cream Tea Floats

Makes 1 float.


1 can Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea Peach, chilled

1 large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or frozen yogurt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract or paste

1/2 of a yellow peach, pitted and sliced into thin wedges

sweet mint for garnish (optional)


large drinking glass, chilled in freezer


iced tea spoon


1.  Add a few peach slices to the glass, then top half way up with the sparkling iced tea. Add the vanilla extract or paste and mix it in well.

2.  Add a scoop of ice cream, then top off with more tea until the glass is almost full. Add several peach slices and a sprig of mint on top of the float as a garnish. Serve with a straw and iced tea spoon and enjoy!

***Serving Tip: If you’re trying to watch calories, you don’t have to add large scoops of ice cream to get that delicious peaches & cream taste. With the contents of a can of sparkling tea soda, even 2 tablespoons of melted ice cream mixed in makes for a very tasty treat!