Sakura Lattes

Anyone up for a Sunday latte? Sakura Lattes are a distinctively spring-ish version of your standard green tea latte. The base is made from a delightful tea called Cherry Rose Green that I discovered in my Tea Sparrow mailer last month.Elmwood Inn’s Cherry Rose Green is a bouquet-like, exotic blend of Japanese sencha, rose petals, and cherries. For me, this flavored tea echoes all of the most graceful elements of spring–it’s taste is clean, bright, and soft with the fragrance of a cherry orchard in full bloom.Adding juice is a wonderful way to enhance certain flavors in a tea. In this latte, I add just a touch of pure cherry juice both for color and taste. Be careful not to add too much as it can easily overpower the taste of the tea.Many often expect sakura tea and treats to taste like cherry fruits, but it’s actually more of a salty taste. Use of preserved sakura blooms (both in whole and cut form) is similar to how sea salt is added to caramel–it helps to balance out the sweeter flavors that it’s commonly paired with.

If any drink could be considered “spring in a teacup” these Sakura Lattes would be it. While the faint scent of blossoms is in the air, make sure to enjoy this delicate, heart-warming refresher. Thanks for following along for Sakura Week at Thirsty for Tea!Elmwood Inn’s Cherry Rose Green Tea is courtesy of Tea Sparrow. 

Sakura Lattes

Serves 2.


1 Tbsp cherry blossom green tea (I used Elmwood Inn’s Cherry Rose Green)

1 cup water at 170 degrees F

sakura honey, honey, or agave to taste

2 Tbsp cherry juice

cherry blossom flakes or matcha, for garnish

frothed milk


teapot and strainer

2 teacups

milk frother


1. Brew the tea for 2 minutes, in a ratio of 1 Tbsp to 1 cup of water. After brewing, add the honey to taste, then mix in the cherry juice. Pour the tea juice into the teacups.

2. Froth the milk, then carefully spoon it atop the tea juice. Finish the lattes with a sprinkling of sakura blossom flakes or a dash of matcha.

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Rosa DeSensi

I discovered your webpage by accident. I am so happy that I did! I just love your recipes they are so beautiful and inviting. I just love that I have recipes that are both interesting and healthy! Keep up the good work!

Bonnie Eng

Thank you so much for the sweet message, Rosa! Hope to see you here often–Happy Spring! 🙂

Cindy C.

Just found your beautiful blog via Facebook! Although I am not a big tea drinker, I do enjoy this post a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie Eng

Hey Cindy! Thanks for the very kind message. I hope you can enjoy these delicious lattes sometime soon! 🙂


This is just so beautiful Bonnie, the latte, the colors in your photos, the sakura-themes props…gorgeous!!

Bonnie Eng

Thank you so much Naina! It actually kinda reminds me of one of your beautiful floral picnicking shoots. I love those!! 😉