Tea of the Week: Harney & Sons’ Birthday Tea

Yesterday was my birthday, which for me meant a new Apple MacBook Pro (from my generous hubby), a colorful slice of Chinese-Style Bakery Cake (which I’ll be posting about tomorrow), and finally, a cheery glass of Harney and Sons’ Birthday Tea (a brew that tastes that much more delicious on your birthday!).

I discovered this blend a few years ago when searching for some kid-friendly, non-caffeinated blends. What makes the tea so appealing is its fantastically brilliant color, the result of blending hibiscus, rose hips, and decaf ceylon tea.

This Birthday Tea blend was created for John Harney’s 80th birthday, just a few years ago. If you didn’t know already, John Harney is the founder of Harney & Sons’ Tea Company, known by many to be a “missionary of tea.” John Harney died at the age of 83 earlier this year, but will be forever be remembered for his passion in helping to revive America’s appreciation for good quality, loose leaf teas.

Unlike most of Harney & Son’s blends, Birthday Tea is actually available in sample packets. The sample is perfect for tucking into a birthday card or gift…a thoughtful little way to make anyone’s birthday that much more festive.

Tasting Notes for Harney & Sons’ Birthday Tea:

BREWING TIPS:  Brew this tea with water at a full boil, and feel free to steep for as long as you want. I let the tea bags steep for a full 10 minutes, which helps the water to cool before pouring the brew over a large glass filled with ice. The tea is also delicious served hot.

THE BLEND:  A blend of hibiscus, rosehips, decaf ceylon, Raspberry flavor, spearmint, peppermint, marigold petals, and cornflowers.

THE SCENT:  Distinctively fruity, with strong raspberry and pomegranate essences.

THE STEEP:  Tart and fruity. Like drinking fruit punch without the added sugar. The tea is the most gorgeous color of ruby red crimson, the shade of a light red wine sangria. In fact, if you throw some berries (organic strawberries, raspberries) and fruit (mango, apples) to soak along with the blend it will be absolutely delicious.

GET IT:  The blend is available at the Harney & Sons’ website, in single serving loose leaf packets or a 20 sachet tin. You can also find the steep at Amazon.

FOOD PAIRING:  The best thing to eat with this blend is a fruit-based birthday cake! It would also be a bright complement to some fresh fruit salad or crisp green veggies, like a Chicken Cobb Salad or Rainbow Spring Rolls.