Elmwood Inn’s Blueberry Caffeine-Free Fruit Infusion

This is a full-flavored tisane, or caffeine-free infusion, with lots of yummy berry flavor.  It’s easy to mistake this tea for a potpourri as it is so beautiful and fragrant.  This blend is chock full of big pieces of fruit–so simply fruity that you can eat it straight out of the bag! This is a best seller at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, and after you taste it, it’s really not hard to understand why.  Perfect warm or iced, good for kids, and also ideal for baby showers where the mommy-to-be is probably going caffeine-free.

Tasting Notes:

BREWING TIPS:  5 minutes @ 212 degrees F, or even longer for stronger flavor.  No risk of over brewing here…yay!

THE LEAF:  Beautiful chunks of blueberries, apples, raisins, and black currants along with flecks of brilliant purple blossoms make this a beautiful tisane.

THE SCENT:  Fruity, fruity, fruity!  Like you just picked a pail of fresh berries on a farm.

THE STEEP:  Looks like a gorgeous dark purple shaded fruit punch, very much like a light-colored Pinot Noir.  You can see the beautiful color of the steeped tisane here.  This steep is full-on fruity without being sweet, which makes it a wonderful pairing for tea snacks.

GET IT:  Elmwood Inn Fine Teas website at http://store.elmwoodinn.com/blueberrytea.aspx or on Amazon.

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