Grace Rare Tea’s “Pure Assam” Irish Breakfast

Grace Rare Tea's "Pure Assam" Irish Breakfast Tea

Grace Rare Tea’s “Pure Assam” Irish Breakfast Tea

It will be a lovely and productive morning if you have Grace Tea’s “Pure Assam” with breakfast.  If you are a morning coffee drinker and are looking for a more mild yet still robust “skip over” to tea, this is the blend you are looking for.  This Irish Breakfast tea has a higher caffeine content than green, oolong, and white teas but not as high as coffee does.  These tea leaves originate exclusively from Assam, located in the northeast region of India where it is hot and humid.  Unlike some other Irish Breakfast blends, this blend does not add in any Ceylon tea leaves, which are less astringent and less malty than tea leaves from Assam.  The result is an infusion that is distinctive in rich, brisk flavor.

Tasting Notes:

BREWING TIPS: 4 minutes @ 212 degrees F.  Be careful not to overbrew.

THE LEAF: Small, black tightly wound leaves.

THE SCENT: Deep and roasty.

THE STEEP: Brilliant reddish copper color with full-bodied, caramel undertones.  This tea is also delicious with milk and sugar or a fresh squeeze of lemon.

GET IT:  Surfas Culinary District in West Los Angeles carries this tea, and it can also be ordered online at

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