Hankook Tea’s Persimmon Leaf Tea

Persimmon Leaf Tea comes from South Korea, where the beautiful, sturdy leaves of wild persimmon trees are dried to make this mild flavored brew.  If you sip this tea slowly and savor it you’ll discover some more complex flavors–from sweet and honey-like to slightly bitter, earthy, and astringent.

There is no caffeine in this tea, making it a good choice for any time of day.  I enjoy this steep without any additions because it allows the tea’s delicate nuances to reveal themselves.  If you are looking for an extra layer of fruit flavor, the only additions I would suggest would be a piece of dried persimmon and some honey.  As fall is coming to a close, a comforting cup of Persimmon Leaf Tea will pair nicely with some Persimmon Tea Bread, warm out of the oven.

Tasting Notes:

BREWING TIPS:  4 minutes @ 212 degrees F.  Just leave the tea bag to steep past 5 minutes if you prefer an even stronger flavor.  The tea will get stronger without getting bitter.

THE LEAF:  Thick dark green cuts of leaves dried flat.

THE SCENT:   Faintly reminiscent of toasted rice.

THE STEEP:  Slightly toasty vegetal taste, both honey-like and very slightly bitter at the same time.  This tea is very mild in flavor and if you sip it thoughtfully and slowly you will be able to taste the similarities between the persimmon leaf brew and an actual persimmon fruit.

GET IT:  Well stocked Korean markets or tea shops like Hwa Sun Ji in Los Angeles will carry this item, and you can also get it at the Hankook Tea’s website.

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