Lupicia’s Holiday Teas

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea when it’s chilly outside. This cheery box of brews from Lupicia is packed with 4 festive blends to keep you warm and comfy throughout the Christmas season. Here, you see the teas in loose leaf form, but you can also get them bagged and tagged in mini tins for those who prefer an easier steep.As an ice breaker and to add a touch of tea love to your holiday parties, try serving this set for a tasting session. Simply set up 4 teapots and brew each of these for your guests to try. Along with some bakes and nibbles, both grown-ups and kids will get a kick out of figuring out which tea they love most!Special thanks to Lupicia for providing me these Christmas 2016 teas to try. Visit their site to check out their full collection of holiday teas. For purchases, enter the words “Thirsty for Tea” in the order comments section upon checkout to receive a free surprise!

Tea Tasting #1: White ChristmasA rich tea made with Indian and Kenyan black tea leaves. Nutty and malty, with strong hints of almond and white chocolate. Inspired by baked goodies and excellent with a splash of milk and sugar.  The added rice pops remind me of snow balls. My favorite of all the blends!

Tea Tasting #2: Jingle BellsMade with black tea from India and Vietnam. Tastes of grape juice, sweet fruits and sparkling wine. The blend is flecked with teeny tiny, lavender heath flowers and a few green cedar tips. I think this one would be great for the kiddos.

Tea Tasting #3: Soleil LevantMade with Japanese green tea and a hint of matcha. Smells of tart white grapes and citrus. I smell the flavorings but taste them only minimally. Pink peppercorns, golden marigolds and Blue Mallow buds have been tossed into the tea for a lovely look. Fresh and crisp, this would make a nice iced tea.

Tea Tasting #4: Carol

A strawberry and vanilla black tea that’s light and sweet and made with Vietnamese, Kenyan and Indian black teas. Tastes something like strawberries and cream chiffon cake. Dried coconut adds a rich taste while rose petals make it festive and attractive. Also nice with a touch of milk. A close second in this taste test!

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