Tea of the Week: Lupicia’s Momo Oolong Super Grade

When farmer’s markets are brimming with so many kinds of peaches this time of year, which ones do you reach for? Personally, I prefer the blush pink, white-fleshed variety whenever I can get them. Summer isn’t summer without biting into a crisp, almost apple-like peach.Lupicia’s Momo Oolong Super Grade packs the taste of summer’s most enticing white peaches into tea form. Anytime of year, this tea is wonderful for pairing with lighter fare, but especially delicious during warmer months when you can get your hands on some delicate white peaches. 

Try throwing cut chunks of the fruit into a cold brew of this tea to create a refreshing, sangria-like refresher. There’s no better way to beat that summer heat!The Momo Oolong Super Grade featured in this review is courtesy of Lupicia

Tasting Notes for Lupicia’s Momo Oolong Super Grade:

BREWING TIPS:  Brew at 212 degrees F for 2- 2 1/2 minutes.

THE TEA:  Made with Taiwanese Pouchong (a.k.a. Bao Zhong), a lightly oxidized oolong tea (the lightest of all oolongs). The blend consists of lightly twisted, dark green leaves with some rose petals mixed in.

THE SCENT:  Soft orchid notes complemented with delicate peach essence and a touch of rose.

THE STEEP:  The taste is dewy and delicate, with a mildly astringent bite that’s reminiscent of unripe fruit. With the clean, crisp taste of white peaches, it’s bright and uplifting with mellow honey notes. Enjoy hot to bring out the oolong base or chilled to bring out the fruity and floral notes. This tea showcases everything I love about Lupicia, and is one of my favorite teas of the brand.

GET IT:  At Lupicia’s website or Lupicia stores in Hawaii or California. In California, Lupicia stores are tucked within the Japanese markets, Mitsuwa.

FOOD PAIRING:  This is wonderful enjoyed poolside during hot weather months with light and healthy foods. To not overwhelm the gently floral taste of this tea, pair it with mild tasting vegetarian or fish-based dishes. This would be wonderful with grilled or steamed fish or sashimi and minimally-dressed Asian salads like tsunomono or seaweed salad.

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