Tea of the Week: T2’s Baxter’s Buns

Hot Cross Buns are being enjoyed on many a brunch table today, but if you’re looking for fruity, spicy bun flavor without all the extra work, look no further than T2’s Baxter’s Buns tea. Brewing this flavored black tea is like a smelling a fresh batch of Hot Cross Buns baking the oven, minus all that mixing, rising and baking. I like that the spices here aren’t overwhelming and that a hint of orange comes shining though. Almost like a half-and-half blend of tisane (herbal) and regular tea, the steep is reminiscent of chai, but milder and with a honey-like color and taste.Tasting Notes for T2’s Baxter’s Buns:

BREWING TIPS: Brew with water at a full boil (212 degrees F) for 2-4 minutes. I tend to like the taste of brewing this on the longer side, even up to 5 minutes.

THE TEA: A chunky mix of cinnamon, barley malt, black tea, ginger, currants, chicory, orange peel, cloves, cardamom, coriander and nutmeg. If you’ve ever made Hot Cross Buns, I’m sure at least a few of these ingredients look familiar!

THE SCENT: This is where you can appreciate that addition of barley malt. The blend definitely has a bakey dough-like essence–like lightly spiced sweet rolls baking in your oven at home!

THE STEEP: I prefer this on its own, but it would also be nice with a splash of milk and a drizzle of honey. The tea has a pleasant natural sweetness thanks to a healthy dose of currants. The taste of cloves and ginger are strong–something to keep in mind if you do or don’t like those ingredients. The brew has a full thickness to it and looks something like raw honey, slightly cloudy from the oils in the spices.

GET IT: At the T2 site or in one of their stores in the US or abroad. Since T2 is based out of Australia, they have an impressive set of Hot Cross Bun teas, including a chocolate bun version that I haven’t tried but sound delicious!

FOOD PAIRING: With fresh, homemade Carrot Cake Hot Cross Buns, of course! I guess a store-bought one will do too, as long as it’s warmed up!

Baxter’s Buns tea courtesy of T2. 

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