Mariage Freres’ “Sweet Shanghai”

Mariage Freres "Sweet Shanghai" Green Tea Blend

Mariage Freres “Sweet Shanghai” Green Tea Blend

If a tea could be characterized as pretty, Mariage Freres’ Sweet Shanghai tea blend would be the prettiest of them all.  Drinking this tea is like walking into a spring garden on the cusp of summer.  It’s a green tea blend with the sweetest notes of tropical fruitiness, distinctive yet soft in litchi flavor.  If you like litchi black teas, this is its springtime cousin.  A bouquet of flowers in a cup, Sweet Shanghai is the perfect drink as springtime draws to a close.

Tasting Notes:

BREWING TIPS: 2-3 minutes @ 165 degrees F.  As with all green teas, try not to over brew. Also nice iced.

THE LEAF:  Dark green leaves with peach, purple, yellow, and fuchsia blossoms.

THE SCENT:  A fresh bouquet of sweet spring flowers mingled with ripe tropical fruits.

THE STEEP:  Bright, fresh, light, fruity, tropical, floral, slightly astringent.


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I too, love Mariage Frères Sweet Shanghai. In fact, I was doing a Google search on Sweet Shanghai which led me to your blog. How fortunate I was to come upon your lovely site and beautiful ideas…thank you. I am also passionate about a cup of tea. I will be in the Los Angeles and Orange County area; do you have any suggestions where to have afternoon tea?

You have inspired me to start a blog and was wondering…how you do begin?

Thank you again.

Bonnie Eng

Hi Emelyn! I’m so glad you found me through that post…it was one of the very first pieces I ever wrote! I would definitely check out Chado tea room. There is one in Little Tokyo and another in Pasadena. I’ve been meaning to go to the Boxwood Cafe in West Hollywood–it’s one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and has pretty good reviews. If you really want a classic LA experience, the Beverly Hills Hotel has a tea on Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks so much for you kind words. You can easily start a blog on If you have a topic that you are passionate about, the rest will come naturally! Feel free to email me @ if you have any other blogging questions. I don’t a whole lot, but I know the basics. 🙂