Yanabah Navajo Tea

Yanabah Navajo Tea is an herbal tea made from the greenthread plant.  Greenthread is actually a member of the sunflower family, and grows wild on Navajo reservation lands where it is harvested during fall and winter months.  It is most plentiful in the Four Corners Region of the United States, including Arizona and New Mexico.

Grandmother Yanabah is the inspiration behind this brand of tea.  She shared the process of picking, drying, and brewing this mellow and comforting blend to future generations, hoping they would cherish and continue such traditions.  It is through her that Yanabah Navajo Tea was born.

I prefer to drink Navajo tea hot, as it’s gentle, earthy qualities are most obvious this way. The drink has an undeniably calming effect, wonderful for winding down after a long, hectic day.  Freshly made golden fry breads make an authentic snack to have with Greenthread tea.   With each sip and bite, you’ll be transported farther back into a simpler time and place of Native American tradition.

Tasting Notes:

BREWING TIPS:  3-4 minutes @ 212 degrees F.

THE LEAF:  Super-thin, almost fiber-like long leaves.

THE SCENT:   Grassy and herbal, much like chrysanthemum and other herbal flower teas.

THE STEEP:  A sunny yellow with a slight green hue.  Mild and mellow, with a gentle sweetness.  Serve hot or over ice.  Add honey or agave nectar if you’d like!

GET IT:  At the Yanabah Tea website or through Amazon.

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I’ve never heard of this, but it looks like the kind of tea I’d love. Thanks for the fry bread recipe, too–I’ve never tried it, despite a number of memorable trips through the Four Corners area.


You are so welcome! I’ve never been to the Four Corners area, I would imagine that it would be very majestic. This is a very soothing tea–hope you have the opportunity to try it sometime!

James Hughes

Hi Bonnie, I have a question, Where can I buy traditional Navajo Yanabah tea, I find it mixed with green tea, but I want the traditional yanabah tea.


I LOVE this tea! We bought this in Monument Valley at the hotel gift store! Everyone we gifted to loved it, as well. I’ve been looking for this amazing blend to be available for two years. Please come back!!!

Elaine Juancho

We attended the Navajo Nation State Fair where we were able to purchase a glass (actually we bought a second one to drink on our drive home – never made it into the car – we drank it before 🙂 ) of Navajo tea! Most amazing tea I’ve had – loved the earthy taste. Just researched how it helps with health. We were also able to purchase for our own brewing. Thank you Navajo Nation!