Teacup Votives

Candle season is officially here! With the days getting shorter and the temperature finally cooling in LA this week, it was time to pull out my collection of waxy tapers and lights. There’s nothing like a drippy, flickering candle to make the fall and winter seasons feel cozier.
You’ll often find English teacups showcased in candle crafts, but I like to give these an Asian twist. Asian teacups are smaller, cheaper, and naturally more votive-like. Studded across a countertop in a host of brilliant colors and textures, they give off a sweet and romantic look.If you go to the right place, Asian teacups can cost anywhere from 50 cents to 10 dollars (and even much more). It’s all a matter of shopping in the right place. Chinatowns, vintage stores, and Etsy are always a good bet, as is your local Teavana.
Teacup votives are perfect for gifting this fall and winter. Pack them up with a book of matches and these boho-chic little vessels make the perfect DIY. And if you simply want to keep them for yourself, that’s ok too! Dinner parties or tea celebrations won’t be the same without them!
asian teacup candles 4Teacup Votives

Makes 6 votives. 

What You’ll Need:

1 pound candle wax

6- 3″ votive wicks

skewers (the kind you use for bbq’s)

6 Asian teacups

double boiler (I used a large can as the top pot)

spoon, preferably disposable



1. Start by placing the metal base of a wick flush to the bottom of each teacup. Now place a skewer across the top of each cup, wrapping the top of the wick around the skewer so that the wick is situated in the center of the teacup. 

2. Place the candle wax in the top pot of a double boiler. Place 2-3″ of water in the bottom pan over low heat. Gently melt the wax until it becomes completely liquid. This can take up to 10 minutes. Carefully spoon the melted wax into each teacup, making sure that the wick stays central, in place.

3. Allow the wax to cool completely, then use the scissors to cut off the excess length on the wicks, leaving 1/2″ at the top for lighting. Your Teacup Votives are complete!