Tea of the Week: Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.’s Blue-Tee

When we think of tea, gold, green, or copper are all common colors that come to mind. But have you ever heard of blue tea? Yes, naturally blue tea exists, and we have butterfly pea flowers to thank for it! Readily grown in Thailand, this caffeine-free herbal is also called Nam Dok Anchan.  

In the first few moments of brewing, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea looks a sort of Smurf-like shade of blue. Give the tea a few more minutes and it blooms to the darkest, richest shade of cobalt.
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea doesn’t have the most complex taste. I liken the taste of this herbal to the cooking water leftover after boiling beans or edamame–very slightly sweet and mildly starchy.

In my opinion, this tea’s main appeal lies in its culinary versatility. Steep this strong and you can use it as a water-based natural food coloring. Add a few drops of lemon juice and the brew instantly changes into the most impressive shade of royal purple. Yet a few more drops and you’ll get hot pink…it’s pure magic!

Tasting Notes for Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.’s Blue-Tee:

BREWING TIPS:  Brew at 212 degrees F for 5 minutes for a rich, dark brew. I brewed one quart of tea from just one tea bag.

THE TEA:  Blue flowers and greenish-yellow leaves cut into small specks.

THE SCENT:  Earthy and woody, like dried flowers or beans.

THE STEEP:  Brews to a deep, dark, rich blue. The taste is mildly beany and sweet…no strong flavors to be noticed here. This is really great served as an iced tea. Combining it with acidic juices causes it to change color to purple. Yummy with honey and lemon.

GET IT:  I purchased this at the tea shop, Paris in a Cup, in the City of Orange here in California. You can also purchase this on Amazon or at Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.’s site.

FOOD PAIRING:  Since color is this tea’s main attraction, it’s wonderful for using as a natural food coloring. I like to use it in icings or in cakes and cupcake batters. It’s also really beautiful for making a purple or pink colored lemonade. A wonderful tea to serve for a baby shower or to celebrate the 4th of July!