Tea Pals: Vienna

If there’s anything more special than enjoying a cup of tea with a friend in person, it’s sharing a cup of tea with a friend who’s half a world away. Since I started my blog 3 years ago, I’ve accumulated a handful of tea pals–friends from different parts of the world that I exchange tea with. As I’m sure many tea bloggers would agree, tea has a special way of connecting people across cultures, countries and continents.
I recently received this box of goodies from my tea pal in Vienna, Austria and had to share about it with you. Beatrice is the author and photographer behind the beautiful blog, Shooting Vienna. It’s a site that I often visit and live vicariously through. A stroll though a local rose garden or a stop by a modern-style tea shop–I love following her through this stylish and artful city.I was over-the-top thrilled to open this treasure box last month. Beatrice not only included some delicious flavored black teas like classic Mozart Tee and Weiner Apfelstrudel Tea (a.k.a Apple Strudel Tea), but also included some tea snacks to go along with the stash (Hazelnut Wafers and Mozart Chocolate, filled with pistachio marzipan!). I fell in love with this An Ji Bai Cha, a Chinese green tea with a needle-like appearance that steeped to a buttery, delicate cup. Beatrice also included some tips and tasting notes along with each tea. I was seriously impressed by her attention to detail, and took special care to follow her steeping suggestions.Do you have a tea pal that you’re grateful for? Have you discovered any awesome teas from tea friends in other countries? Tea pals are a great way to share and learn about teas that you might never get to try otherwise. A big thanks to Beatrice for her thoughtfulness and generosity…I’m so humbled to have a tea pal like her. If you want to travel the sights in and around Vienna, definitely check out her blog, Shooting Vienna!