Tea of the Week: The Green Teahouse’s Gummi Bear Tea

Gummy Bear Tea? Yes, you read that right! Especially around holidays as sugar-laden as Halloween, I love to indulge in teas that give me a sense of naughty without the guilt. The Green Teahouse, based out of Connecticut, hit the nail on the head with this one. This fruity, tart, caffeine-free blend actually has mini gummy bears tossed into it…talk about kiddie, spontaneous, and fun!
This tisane is strong on the hibiscus notes. There’s nice background of fruit flavor from the added apple chunks, lemongrass, and citrus peel, but the bright, sour taste of hibiscus is definitely the prominent one. The gummy bears will stand out in the dry blend, so resist the urge to eat them before steeping!

Tasting Notes for Green Teahouse’s Gummi Bear Tea:

BREWING TIPS:  Brew at 212 degrees F for 5-6 minutes.

THE TEA:  Caffeine-free, herbal. A chunky blend of dried apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hips, lemongrass, citrus peel, sunflower, fruit flavor, and mini gummy bears.

THE SCENT:  Smells of Fuji apples, ripe cherries, and juicy pineapple. Very fruit candy-like in scent, but surprisingly sour and acidic in the cup.

THE STEEP:  Brews to a deep, clear, ruby red, like the color of red gummy bears! The tea is bright and lively with a tart and zingy finish. Great for kids or kid’s tea parties, and also yummy as an iced tea. Super tasty with a few drops of stevia or even a few berries thrown in.

GET IT:  At The Green Teahouse site.

FOOD PAIRING:  Well, gummy bears, of course! Also great with table grapes, Concord or Kyoho grapes, or blackberries. This tea’s snappy, brilliant flavor pairs well with light meals like salads or grilled fish.