Mad Tea Party Lazy Susan

What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland? This is a hard one for me to answer as I have two favorites, one being It’s a Small World with the Mad Tea Party coming in a close second.

This funky Mad Tea Party craft is like taking a slice of Fantasyland fun home with you. On my last visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, I came across these crazy adorable Mad Tea Party Teacup Mugs. Each cup comes affixed to its own saucer, just like the giant teacups that you step into at Disneyland!This little project makes full use of 1.) those adorable teacups I found at World of Disney, and 2.) charmingly-retro Lazy Susans! Here, we use the Lazy Susan as a platform for spinning those teacups around!Although I humored painting a spiral pattern onto this Lazy Susan, I settled on an easier to achieve sunburn pattern instead. With just the right shades of purple and pink, we’re able to create an adorable Cheshire Cat-like design.If you find measuring too much of a chore, just paint the entire Lazy Susan one color. You could even do some abstract swirls…get creative, get mad!

If you want to take this craft to the next level, try placing the patterned Lazy Susan atop an even larger one. The bottom, larger, Lazy Susan can also be embellished with a layer of green paint and some moss-like fluff to create a grassy garden border, studded with crimson roses.Ok, I’ll admit it. This Mad Tea Party Lazy Susan craft is a little on the daring side, but fantastically fun if you’re an Alice in Wonderland fan! I’ve been over the moon about these teacups since I saw them, and love how this DIY brings them to life!

Mad Tea Party Lazy Susan

What You’ll Need:

Mad Tea Party Teacups (you can get these via the Disney Parks App)

measuring tape


14″ lazy susan (I used one made of wood)

purple paint, for wood

pink paint, for wood

paint brushes

painter’s tape


1. Create the Sunburst Pattern. Use the measuring tape to locate the center point of the lazy susan and mark with a dot using the pencil. Use the painter’s tape to mark off a 1/4 section of the circle, extending from the center to the edge of the Lazy Susan (like cutting a pizza into 4 equal slices).

2. Use more painter’s tape to divide the quarter section in half. 

3. Use painter’s tape to then divide each half into half again. When all is said and done, we want to divide the lazy susan into 16 equal sections, one at a time.

4. Paint and Be Patient. Paint the section that you have created using the painter’s tape (this should be a 1/16 section of the entire Lazy Susan). Paint the section with an even, thick layer of pink paint, then wait for this to dry for 5 minutes. Paint on a second, thick layer of pink paint, then wait for this to dry completely (this should take about an hour).5. After the paint has dried completely, remove the painter’s tape to reveal a clean edge. 

6. Place a fresh piece of painter’s tape lightly atop the just-painted (but now dry) surface, up to the edge. Also place another piece of tape along the other side of the next measured (1/16 of the Lazy Susan) section that needs to be painted. Paint this new section in purple (again, 2 coats) and wait for this to dry completely.

7. After the paint has dried, remove the tape to reveal 2 sections painted side-by-side. 

8. Continue to paint the Lazy Susan a 1/16 section at a time. When you complete painting 1/4 of the circle, use steps 1-4 to finish the remaining sections of the circle. For each painted section, allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding to paint the next section.

***For the “Painting the Roses Red” Version***

Extra Things You’ll Need:

another Lazy Susan, 18″

green paint, for wood

paint brush

craft glue

hot glue/glue sticks

moss-like fluff (used to create miniature gardens)

rose embellishments or stickers

Continue Step-By-Step:

9. Create a Grassy Border. Paint the 18″ Lazy Susan with green paint, covering the sides as well. Let dry completely. Smear a thin, even layer of craft glue on the inside edge of the Lazy Susan, about 4″ all around. Scatter the moss fluff on the glue, pressing down lightly. Shake off any excess fluff.

10. Stack the Lazy Susans. Place the patterned 14″ Lazy Susan in the middle of the 18″ green Lazy Suzan. Glue down using hot glue.

11. Finishing Touches. Glue the roses onto the grassy border. When ready to use for serving, fill the teacups with tea or other trinkets. Depending on what’s inside the cups, spin the Lazy Susans fast or slow and even in opposite directions. The teacups can be either hot glued down to the smaller Lazy Susan or left free form if you plan on drinking tea from them. Enjoy!