Mickey Mouse Stroopies

At my house, crafting with stroopwafels has become a holiday season tradition. This year, just in time for Christmas, it’s Mickey Mouse Stroopies making their debut. These are super easy to whip up, and a magical way to enjoy those fantastically flat caramel cookies that pair perfectly with tea!Mickey Mouse Stroopies are inspired by the gingerbread cookies found throughout Disneyland during Christmastime. They’re perfect for fans who want all that jolly goodness without the work of baking from scratch.

I have quite a few Disney-inspired culinary and tea items in my collection. One of these gadgets is my Mickey cookie cutter, which definitely comes in handy for this project. After arriving back from the market stocked up with the stroopwafels, I realized that both the smaller and larger cookies fit exactly into the cutter…what a convenient coincidence!I ended up using the cookie cutter as a guide for arranging the ears and not actually for cutting anything out. Tracing the outline onto parchment allows us to get the space between those mouse ears just right.It goes without saying that the ears are the best part of this sweet treat. A relatively thick layer of chocolate will give the illusion of slightly puffy looking ears–great for giving us a cartoonish look that’s just right for this recipe!

Because they are delicate, these aren’t the types of cookies that you’ll want to package up and send away. These are best served to your guests at home, where you’re able to brew them up a heartwarming cup of tea to go along with.Mickey Mouse Stroopies


stroopwafels, regular sized

stroopwafels, mini sized

chocolate, melted gently (you can also use chocolate candy coating)



baking sheet fitted with parchment paper


Mickey Mouse cookie cutter

pastry brush

dipping tools (I used a fork and knife)

spatula, for handling the cookies



1. Using a Mickey cookie cutter, trace the outline of Mickey’s head onto a piece of parchment.

2. Turn the parchment over. Using a pastry brush, brush off any crumbs from the surface of the stroopwafels. Coat 2 small stroopwafels with melted chocolate, then carefully place them into the ear portion of each traced Mickey head. Now, place a large stroopwafel into the face portion of the traced outline, making sure to overlap with the chocolate ears. Let this Mickey face dry until the chocolate hardens.

3. If you prefer, attach Christmas sprinkles onto the Mickey Mouse Stroopwafel by using a toothpick and light dabs of the melted chocolate. When ready to serve, handle the Mickey Mouse Stroopwafels with a gentle hand with the use of a spatula.

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